How to Move a Swing Set Yourself vs Cost Of Using Movers

You are on the move to a new house and you want to bring along your children’s swing set. They have a lot of fun on it and you want that fun to continue. Also, you have invested a lot of money in bring your current swing set home and do not want to spend twice for the same thing.

These are genuine concerns and we will provide you with the information you need to know to help you alleviate your fears about moving your children’s swing set.

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Can You Move a Swing Set

The simple answer is yes you can. If you don't want to enlist the aid of professional movers, you can still do it yourself. All you have to do is dismantle your current swing set, and you may want the help of your older children or friends here.

The trick is to label your pieces so you know how to put it back together when you reach your new home. You may want to spray on some corrosion protection coatings to keep your nuts, bolts and other hardware in good working condition.

Protecting all your pieces helps make reassembly a lot easier. Also, make sure you organize your swing set parts packing. You do not want to search a dozen boxes for the parts you need.

The Easiest Way to Move a Swing Set

Without a doubt, the easiest way to move your children’s swing set is by hiring professional movers. These men are trained to handle the job correctly and it takes the stress of losing parts from your shoulders.


But if you insist on doing it yourself, make sure you take some pictures of the assembled swing set before you take it apart. Those picture will help you on the reassembling end of things.

Then start with the swings and unhook them, get their brackets and chains and keep them together. After removing the seats and their hardware, you can start on the frame, that is if you do not have ladder, ropes, etc. These would have to come off before you tackle the frame.

If you break a piece, do not throw it away. You will need it to find the right replacement. Take notes as well if that will help you reassemble it correctly.

How to Move a Wooden Swing Set

The first thing to do before you spend all that time and energy moving your wood swing set, is to measure your new home’s backyard to see if you have enough room. If you don’t, then you will need to make other plans for your wood swing set.

If you do, then you will need the right wrenches, screwdrivers and even hammer to help you take your children’s wood swing set down. It is a smart idea to spray the screws, nuts, bolts and other hardware with WD-40 before attempting to loosen them.

Time has a way of rusting metal pieces making them hard to loosen and remove. Next, check the wood pieces to make sure they are still in good shape. If not, you may have to discard the bad pieces and buy replacements.

After you take the wood swing set apart, make sure you pack them in an organized way and keep the pieces easy to find. Also,pack them so that the wood will not be damaged during your move.

Moving a Large or Heavy Swing Set

The first thing you are going to have to do is recruit some some help if you are not going to use professional movers. A large or heavy swing set is too much for one person to manage on their own.

After you get your help, make sure to have the proper sized boxes to hold the different parts. You may want to take notes here to remind yourself of where all the screws and bolts go. Don’t place them all in one bag but separate the hardware into different bags so you do not lose time when you reassemble the swing set.

In addition to that, make sure you have the necessary equipment on hand, like dollies or hand trucks, to move the heavier pieces to your moving truck. Protect your back at all costs.

One other item, a heavy swing set may require concrete footings to stand on. Draw a diagram of your current footings and get those put in place before assembling your heavy swing set.

Cost to Move a Swing Set

The cost of moving your child’s swing set depends on its size and how many items are attached to it. It will also depend on how far you are moving the swing set. The cheapest way to get it done is to move it yourself. Then you are only paying for the cost of the rental truck.

Usually, the cost of moving a swing set is built into the price of moving all of your household goods. The only time the cost becomes a real factor when you are having it moved individually. Then your costs could range between $100 to $1000 or more.

It all depends on how elaborate your swing set is.

Companies That Move Swing Sets


The good news is that most moving companies will move your swing set. You may have to negotiate the price for disassembling or you can do that yourself. The better news is that you can call the manufacturer of your swing set.

They often offer disassembling and reassembly services. If they don’t they may be able to recommend reputable companies that will do the job for you. Again, their cost will depend on how basic or elaborate your swing set is.

Some Final Comments

There is nothing wrong with moving your child’s swing set with you. You just have to be prepared to handle the the disassembling and reassembly if you are doing it yourself.

Just make sure when you do it yourself, you keep every piece organized and together with compatible pieces. The cost of using professionals will depend on a number of factors, including the work involved ad the distance you are traveling.

Looking for a Swing Set? Don't buy something you'll hate

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