How to Install a Swing Set on Uneven Ground or a Hill?

Swing Sets can provide hours of fun for both children and adults. Children can build their confidence, improve their balance and just enjoy the fresh air. While adults can sit on a swing seat and reminisce about when they were growing up.

Now you want to pass on those same childhood memories to your children. But the problem is your yard is not level. Keep reading to see if you can place a swing set on a slope.

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Can You Put a Swing Set on Uneven Ground

Of course, the answer is yes you can. It will just take a little extra work to level the ground and it may cost you a few dollars to put in concrete footings or blocks. How much extra work you put in and how much extra money you spend will depend on the size, the simplicity or complexity of your swing set.


How to Level Ground For a Swing Set

It is important that you level the ground in your backyard before you assemble your child’s new swing set. This will hep the swings operate like they should and keep the set from tipping over.


How long it takes to do this depends on the size of your swing set. Here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Measure the area of ground you want to place your set

  2. Stake out the boundaries and set some string to guide you

  3. Dig about 3-4 inches deep but keep the ground level

  4. Fill the leveled ground with 2 inches of pea gravel. This helps drainage

  5. Then fill it the rest of the way with playground sand. Make sure to pack it down and keep it level

  6. Assemble your swing set

How to Level a Swing Set on Grass

Swing sets are made to work when they are level. This is not always possible as most yards are uneven. There is a simple way to level the grass and it does not involve a lot of digging.

  1. Assemble your swing set (the simple basic designs)

  2. Place it in the spot on the grass you want it on and check the level

  3. Mark the 4 areas where the legs rest on the grass and move the swing set to the side. Use string to help you find the right depth for each footing

  4. Dig 4 squares, 1’ by 1’, making sure the depths are equal and level with each other

  5. Place wood blocks in those holes or you can use concrete blocks

  6. Use a level to make sure the blocks are equal and level

  7. Place your swing set on the blocks

One safety tip: you may want to anchor your swing set so it does not tip as the children swing.

These are the basic and cheapest ways to level your ground or grassy area. If you want to do more it is advisable to call a professional contractor to level the ground for you.

Are There Swing Set Leveling Kits

Leveling your ground and grass is a lot of hard work. You are not sure if you have that kind of time and energy into leveling the ground for your child’s swing set. Yo wish that there was an easier way to do the job.

The bad news is that there are not swing set leveling kits available to lighten your workload. . There really is not easier way for you to do it yourself. You will have to have string, shovel, carpenter’s level, gravel, blocks and other equipment o hand to make sure yo do it right.

The only way to make leveling your grass or ground easier, is to hire a professional landscaper or contractor and let them do the wok for you.

Buying Blocks to Level Swing Set is The Way to Go

Placing your child’s swing set directly on the ground is not a good idea. Especially if the swing set is made of wood. The wet ground can start the rotting process and give termites and other wood eating bugs an easy way to get to the wood.


One way to solve this dilemma is to use good concrete blocks. Not only will these blocks elevate your wood swing set off the ground and protect it, They will help you level your swing set easier.

All you need to to is make sure the right amount of blocks are under each portion of the swing set you need leveled. One part may take 1 or 2 blocks while another may take 3 or 4.

On top of that, you can anchor the swing set to the blocks with a little additional hardware. YOU get your swing set level and keep it from tipping over in one smart move.

How to Choose a Swing Set for Sloped Yard

Here are a few tips on how to choose a swing set to fit your sloping yard:

Space- since you need at least 6 feet around the swing set for safety and comfort, make sure your yard is big enough

Construction materials- do you want wood, metal or recycled materials for the frame. This will affect the lifespan of the swing set

Installation- will it be costly to setup and get level. Professionals may charge by the hour which can drive up the price

Longevity- how many years will your children be using the swing set

Weather conditions- will the different weather patterns hurt the swing set and cause damage to it

Features- besides swings what other play toys do you want attached to your swing set

Safety standards- make sure your swing set fits the safety standards for a sloped yard

Some Final Words

Having sloping ground in your backyard or even uneven grass is not an obstacle that is hard to overcome. You can still set up your child’s new swing set with a little extra work and time.

If you do it right, you won’t have to pay a lot of money to get the area level and ready for the swing set. Making sure your children can use their new swing set safely is what it is all about.

Looking for a Swing Set? Don't buy something you'll hate

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