What Are Air Hockey Tables Made Out of? Table Materials

You are only as good as your weakest link. That fact applies to air hockey tables as well. You can be a great air hockey player but if you are using an inferior table then you are going to have a difficult time improving your skills. A top quality air hockey table makes it easier for you to become the best player around your neighborhood.

What are air hockey tables made out of? Air hockey tables can be made out of MDF wood or plastic materials. Sometimes you get both. But the key to a good air hockey table is not just the materials used to build it but how it is put together.

To learn more about the construction materials used in creating a good air hockey table just continue to read our article. It provides the information you need so you can look for the best air hockey table for you and your family

Air Hockey Table Material

Basic air hockey table are usually made of MDF wood. This is a wood composite that is very strong and can handle a lot of rough treatment. it is also not as heavy as real wood. This allows you to move a majority of air hockey tables without too much effort.

Air Hockey Table Material

Along with MDF wood, you will find plastic used in parts of the game. The legs and interior sides are made from plastic.

This plastic is usually tough and durable but some manufacturers will use an inferior plastic construction material to save on costs. What you are looking for is the design of the table.

When it comes to stability and strength you want to see a tapered look instead of a square design. The taper design gives you more stability and strength as you play.

Air Hockey Table Surface Material

The key to a good table surface is how smooth it is. The smoother the surface the better the puck will float. The majority of air hockey table surfaces are constructed of wood with a laminate material on top.


The laminate is what keeps the puck moving smoothly and without any friction to slow it down. Unfortunately it can be a bit fragile. The laminate top can dent, bend or even crack if it is hit too hard by the puck, mallet or your body.

Cheaper air hockey tables may try to use a thin coat of plastic. This coating is not as strong as laminate but it can still do a good job in helping the puck move quickly.

As you check the table's surface look for raised surfaces, dry spots and other friction causing issues. Friction slows the puck and the pace of the game.

Air Hockey Puck Material

Finding the right air hockey puck is not going to be that difficult. It is not so much the material it is made from but its weight and size that matters most. But to make sure your air hockey puck lasts you a long time, you should find one made from very solid and durable materials.


Usually air hockey pucks are made from Lexan polycarbonate resin. The main reasons for selecting this type of material is that it is environmentally friendly and it is shatterproof.

This material also resists damage from the elements. You know you are getting a good air hockey puck when you find one made from Lexan polycarbonate resin. This is not the only material manufacturers use to create air hockey pucks.

You can find pucks made from nylon and capron which feel like plastic.if you are thinking of trying to turn pro, then you should be aware that the USAA sanctions only 3 pucks- The Lexan yellow, the Lexan red and the Dynamo green.

Some Final Comments

The fun you have playing air hockey is a little dependent on how it is made. You can’t have fun if the table keeps breaking. You may want to go with a table made from lesser materials to save a little money, but that might end up costing you more in repairs or replacement.

When you are shopping for an air hockey table, get one that is made from solid construction materials and is put together correctly. Make sure all the weak spots are well supported so that the game will last you for years.

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