What to do With an Old Air Hockey Table: 7 Repurpose Ideas

Air hockey has given you hours of fun with your friends and family. It has contributed to your healthier lifestyle, made rainy days more enjoyable and helped you burn some extra calories. It is a good friend

What to do With an Old Air Hockey Table? One thing you do not have to do is throw it away once your kids have out grown it. Even if it is broken there are some great alternative uses for it. All you need is a new purpose and a little creativity to give it new life.

To get some innovative ideas and get your creative juices going, continue to read our article. We explore some alternative uses for an old air hockey table.

Repurpose Air Hockey Table


Old air hockey tables do not have to be a problem. Trying to get rid of one may be more of a hassle than they are worth. Instead of getting rid of the table and wasting a lot of money, you can change its purpose.

One good way to change its purpose is to look at its strengths. See what the table has to offer and work with those positive factors. Depending on the size of your air hockey table and the quality of its construction materials you should find lots of ideas on how to repurpose it.

Alternative Uses For Old Air Hockey Tables

Once you put your thinking cap on, we are sure you can come up with some great ideas. To help you get started here are some creative ideas:

  • Turn it into a coffee table- you may have to trim the legs down and do a little painting but this is one way to redecorate your family room
  • Turn it into a light table- add a light and put some of your treasures on it. The wide surface and walls will keep those treasures from falling off
  • Turn it into a race track- your children can race their cars along the table top with just a few modifications. The sides should keep the cars from falling off
  • Turn it into a train table- run your railroad around the the table and let yourself or your kids have even more fun
  • Use it for Matchbox or Hot Wheel cars- you can be creative with your track layout, have extra room for those cars you are not using and even add buildings
  • Use it as a buffet table- it is a great way to serve party favorites. Although the table cloth you use to cover it should be waterproof
  • Use it as a game table- play dominoes, marbles, or even board games. Why spend extra money on a table when you have one in your home already

One DIY project you can do:

Turning the Old Air Hockey Table into a Railroad

  • First, smooth out the table surface with dry wall compound. You need to plug all the holes and sand the compound till the surface is level and smooth
  • Second, remove the legs and shorten then- you want to cut the tops of the legs to size and leave the bottoms with the levelers alone
  • Third- paint the table- this includes the legs, sides and the surface. With the surface, you may want to give it some landscaping details
  • Next, lay out your railroad track- use a pattern that will be fun and fit the surface of the table
  • Then, add little details- toy people, trees, buildings, cars etc. This will give the railroad a life like quality
  • Finally, add your train- put the train on the tracks and turn it on.

Some Final Comments

You do not have to let your air hockey table just sit there and gather dust. With a little effort and innovation, you can turn it back into a functioning piece of furniture.

Plus, you can turn the rejuvenation into a family project and spend some quality time with your children. You get to teach them the tricks and skills you know. Now that is a good way to spend some free time.

It doesn’t take much to think of new ways to use your old air hockey table. All it takes is a look around the house to see where you could put the renovated table to good use.

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