5 Best Tabletop Air Hockey Tables of 2019 (Expert Review)

In air hockey, you want the best table top model helping you develop your skills. You never know, you might be able to turn pro after using one to get the best results.

To get the best air table top air hockey game you have a choice. You can use the Harvil model, the Sportcraft version or one of the following top brands- Sport Squad, Point Games or best Choice products.

No time to read more? Here is our list:

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Best ever: Playcraft Sport 40-Inch



Runner up: Sport Squad HX40 40-Inch



Best mini tabletop: Point Games Blazing Air Hockey



Best Choice Products 40-in Air Hockey Table



Harvil 4-Foot Air Hockey Table



Each one produces a top quality table top air hockey game that may just right for you and your family. All you have to do is continue to read our article. It is designed to give you the information you need to make the right choice.

Advantages of a Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Table top air hockey games do have an advantage over their larger counterparts. These advantages help add to your fun as you enjoy a night of air hockey entertainment:

It doesn’t take up a lot of space- table top models are small and can be stored away in small places. This is good if you have a small home or apartment

It is portable- you can take it with you when you visit your friends or want to be outdoors

It is is easy for everyone to use- even small children can have a little fun when you have a table top model around

Its adjustable- all you have to do to change its height is move it to a higher table or to a lower one

It saves you money- these games are not as expensive as their larger counterparts so you can keep your money in your wallet and use it for something else

What to Look for in a Tabletop Air Hockey Table

To help you find the best table top air hockey table for you and your family, we have put together some tips to help guide your search. When you know what you are looking for, your search will be a lot easier and quicker:

Size- you do not want it to be too small or too large. You need one that will fit your tables and allow your players to be comfortable at the same time

Construction materials- plastic is okay but those table tops games made out of MDF wood are better. You also want solid legs with a taper and supports holding those legs to keep them stable and durable

Scoring- manual or electronic scoreboards are not the issue. You want to be able to record the score with a built in scoreboard. Manual scoreboards should save you a few bucks though

Power source- those games that come with an AC adapter are better but battery operated ones make them more portable. With an AC adapter you do not worry about running out of power in the middle of the game

Surface design- realism is helpful. The more the surface looks like a real hockey rink the more fun can be had

Accessories- the more the better. Make sure the pucks are the right size and weight for the game

Air blower- Double check to make sure it does not blow so hard the pucks fly off the table. But you do not want it blowing so soft that the pucks do not float easily

Cost- table top models are fairly inexpensive. Just make sure that the one you select fits your budget

How to Choose the Best Tabletop Air Hockey Game

There are things you should look for before purchasing your new air hockey table. The following guide lines should help you avoid buying an inferior model that will cost you more in the long run:

Check how the game is put together- how it is assembled says a lot about the quality of table top game. You want to find supports and top quality hardware inside the box

Check the surface out- look for non-slick surfaces that can cause friction and slow the puck down. Make sure the laminate is placed on top of the wood correctly. You do not want to see dents, dips or cracks in the surface

Double check the air blower- you do not want a cheap model struggling to produce the air flow you need

Examine the rink walls- the ideal construction material used on the walls should either be nylon or aluminum. Anything else and you may not get the durability or bounce you want

Check the puck and mallets- there are 3 main construction material used to make the top pucks. Make sure the pucks are made from one of those 3. Also double check the mallets to see if they will stand up to hours of play and rough treatment

Check the brand- There are a lot of top brands making high quality air hockey tables. At the same time, there are a lot of lower class brands making inferior table top models. Be wary and know which is which

Check the warranty- you want to make sure you know all the details listed in the fine print. You also want to know what is or isn’t covered and for how long. If something breaks or does not work, you do not want to have any surprises coming

Our Tabletop Recommendations:

Here are our 5 top air hockey tables in 2019

Best Ever: Playcraft Sport 40-Inch

This nicely designed table top air hockey game measures 40 by 20 inches in size. It should give you plenty of room to have some entertaining and competitive games. Plus, the 8 inch height gives you lots of elbow room and maneuvering space. Check latest price on Amazon here >>


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Also, the realistic table surface lets your players think they are competing in the NHL The 100 CFM should be enough to help the puck move smoothly and swiftly across the table into your opponent’s goal.

Then you get a built-in manual scoreboard, 2 plastic mallets and 2 finely crafted pucks. Remember it is the first one to 7 that wins the game. The game itself is made from hard MDF materials. This allows your players to be a little extra rough as they strive for the family championship

The tapered legs provide the support and stability you need as you or your children play. They should stand up to hours of activity.


  • 40 by 20 inch dimensions
  • Made from durable and strong construction materials
  • ​Realistic playing surface
  • ​Built-in scoreboards
  • Provides lots of fun


  • Sides may be too low
  • No rubber feet to protect your furniture
  • Weak air blower

Runner up: Sport Squad HX40 40-Inch

One good plus about this 40 by 20 table top model is that it has no legs to break or ruin your furniture. The game sits solidly on your table top and provides lots of over all stability. Check latest price on Amazon here >>


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Then there are non-marking rubber pads placed on the bottom of the walls to keep the game still and prevent scratching your furniture. Also, the AC 12 volt air blower motor sends out enough air to keep the game at a fast pace.

You shouldn’t be distracted by the motor noise either. It is built to be quiet and not to interfere with your concentration. Built-in manual scoreboards keep track of all the goals scored throughout any contest.

While it doesn’t go with realism, your kids can still have lots of fun playing on this table top air hockey game. Everything you need to play is included in your purchase. Assembly takes about 5 minutes of your time.


  • 40 by 20 inch dimensions
  • Stable construction and durable
  • ​A very quiet motor
  • ​Rubber feet to protect your table tops
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • Does not look like a realistic hockey rink
  • Low side walls, not good for top bounce
  • A little low in height, reaches only 4 inches high

Best Mini Tabletop: Point Games Blazing Air Hockey

The almost realistic table top surface helps you think you are actually on ice and playing real hockey. Plus, the evenly spaced air holes make sure you get the air flow you need to have a fun game or tournament. Check latest price on Amazon here >>


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With plastic rounded corners and edges you know that your children will not get scraped, scratched or cut by the game. It is safe to play for children of all ages. Then to help keep the game stable and strong, the legs are part of the sides. The one piece construction eliminates stability issues.

Plus, the 21 by 13 inch size still provides plenty of room to have exciting air hockey battles. Along with this you get construction materials that are second to none. This game should last you for years.

Then the high powered fan sends enough air through the air holes to keep that puck moving quickly. You need to be sharp and fast to keep up and not get scored upon.


  • Includes 2 pucks, manual scoreboards and 2 paddles
  • Made from top construction materials
  • High sides made for great bounce
  • Very safe to use and no sharp edges or corners
  • Very portable


  • Only uses batteries
  • Return fees can be high
  • Air blower issues

Best Choice Products 40-in Air Hockey Table

Tapered legs help give you the security and stability you want in a table top air hockey game. Those legs are designed to make sure the game is assembled right and has enough strength to last you for years. Check latest price on Amazon here >>


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Once the legs are put on, your players get 8 1/2 inches of height. More than enough to make their trick shots count. On top of that, the 40 by 20 inch playing surface ensures that the puck has plenty of room to move.

Plus, the 100 volt UL approved air blower should provide your players with enough air power to have a fast past game. Made from strong MDF wood and plastic materials, this game is designed to handle all the rough treatment sent its way.

In addition to this a power adapter keeps the power flowing continuously., There is no stopping mid game and changing the batteries. The table’s lightweight, about 16 pounds, keeps it very portable and easy to move.


  • 40 by 20 by 8 1/2 inch dimensions
  • Tapered legs for support and strength
  • ​Very portable and easy to move
  • ​Built-in manual scoreboards
  • Fits most table tops with ease


  • No sound effects or special gadgets
  • Playing surface size may vary from item to item
  • Some friction

Harvil 4-Foot Air Hockey Table

This 48 by 24 by 31 inch air hockey table top game may fit your tables if you do not add the legs. If you do, then you can get experience playing at the professional height. With the legs on, you can use the levelers to make sure the table stands even and is not favoring one player over another. Check latest price on Amazon here >>


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Plus, the electronic scoreboard captures all the goals scored so there are no disputes. You only need 2 AAA batteries to power it. Yellow paddles and pucks are included with your purchase.

One good benefit is its size. It will fit in most small rooms with ease and its lightweight allows you to move it where you need it without trouble. Also, you get an AC adapter to run continuous power to the game for uninterrupted play

Buying advice

The best advice we could give you is to make sure you follow all the tips listed above and take your time. You do not want to be rushed into buying a game you do not want.

Getting the best game doesn’t always happen at your first stop. Be prepared to go to different stores and make comparisons before you spend your money. The best games may be hiding from you in less popular sporting good stores.

Some Final Comments

It is not that difficult to find one of the 5 best table top air hockey games in 2019. You just have to remember to do your homework and be patient. The best brands are out there waiting for you to take them home. You just need to know what to look for and how to buy an air hockey game.

Getting the best game possible ensures that you and your family will have lots of fun on those evenings when there is nothing to do.

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