Can You Put an Air Hockey Table Outside? Remember to Cover!

The good thing about air hockey is that you can enjoy playing it just about anywhere. On your kitchen table, in your family room or even down in the basement. Most air hockey tables are portable and easy to move from room to room.

Can you put an air hockey table outside? Believe it or not, there are such a thing as waterproof air hockey tables. Besides playing in your favorite indoor spot, you can take the air hockey action outside. On some tables, the air holes are designed to keep the water from getting inside while letting the air out.

Taking your favorite sport outside is not a problem anymore. Continue to read our article to find out more.

Can You Play Air Hockey Outside?


On a sunny day you can take any air hockey table outside and enjoy the fresh air as you play. Air hockey is designed to play anywhere there is enough space. Yet we would not recommend that you leave your indoor air hockey table outside for too long.

They are not designed to handle the moist weather conditions or the cooler over night temperatures. To be able to leave your air hockey table outside all the time, you need one that is designed to handle the changing weather conditions.

An outdoor air hockey table has a waterproof playing surface and waterproof components making outdoor play a reality. One version of the game has a curved surface to make your game even more interesting.

The included lights on some of these tables allow you to play at night. One thing is for sure, when you go with an outdoor air hockey table, you are adding more dimensions to your air hockey experience..

Air Hockey Table Outdoor Cover

One of the best preventive maintenance steps you can take to protect your air hockey table from damage is to cover it. A good cover keeps dust and grime away when the game is not in use. Buying a good cover is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to keep your table in top shape.


Then if you choose to buy an outdoor air hockey table, a cover is even more valuable. A waterproof and weather resistant design still needs help to keep your table protected from the weather.

One of the best covers to buy is one that is made from tough tear resistant PVC materials. This type of cover protects against the weather, dust, dirt, wind and more. It is a very durable material that should last you a long time. It also comes with UV protective qualities.

It doesn’t matter if you have a table top model or a professional sized air hockey game. A good cover will extend the life of the table and save you a lot of money in the long run. You will also save a lot of cleaning time.

Just make sure the cover goes over at least 90% of the table and legs for ultimate protection.

Outdoor Air Hockey Table

To give you an idea of how unique these tables are, here is a review of two of them:

#1. The Storm

This outdoor air hockey table is designed to be 100% waterproof. Its polycarbonate construction materials keep the water and other moisture away from vital air hockey table components.

Plus, it has a built in drying system that removes humidity from the table surface and keeps liquid spills from doing any damage to the playing surface Then to keep the play smooth and fast a 260 watt air blower is built-in to the frame.

Once you get the game going, the digital scorekeeper keeps track of the goals, while you listen to the sound effects. What is also unique about this air hickey table is its curved surface. This surface adds a lot of new challenges to your air hockey season.

Finally, the table is easy to look at with its colorful and creative artwork decorating the exterior frame. Everything you need for a great air hockey competition is found in this air hockey table.

#2. The Shark

This brightly colored air hockey table will keep you alert throughout your game. Its bright colors will make sure you do not get drowsy as the game goes on.Along with the bright colors, you get 2 rows of lights to illuminate the surface allowing you to see what is going on.

Also, there are lights highlighting each table leg and even the underside of your table. A black light is included in this light array. Then the standard flat playing surface is made from water and weatherproof construction materials. This allows you to play in any type of weather.

On top of all this you get a very loud and clear electronic voice announcing each goal of the game. Neither of you will forget what the score is and it should make you work harder to reach that magic 7 winning number.

This game also includes 32 different settings you can choose to use. That ups your game immensely.

Answering your questions

#1. Am I limited to large size air hockey tables if I want to play outside?

The good news is no you are not. You can find outdoor hockey tables in just about any size air hockey tables come in. Just check your local box department stores or sporting goods outlets

#2. Are the outdoor air hockey tables expensive?

Some are and some are not. You can find these tables in a variety of prices depending on size, accessories, etc. The larger tables can run you a lot of money though. That is because of all the accessories that come with the games.

Some Final Comments

Choosing to go outside with your air hockey entertainment is a smart move to make. You add a new dimension to your playing plus, you add more challenges to help develop your skills

Plus, you give yourself a safer -place to play. You do not have to worry about walls being too close or overhead light fixtures that can break. Being outside allows you to concentrate on your game.

The exciting new surface designs makes air hockey even more interesting to play.

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