How High Should an Air Hockey Table Be? The Ideal Height

Air hockey is a fast growing activity. More and more people are turning to air hockey than ever before. The popularity of the game causes some confusion as there are so many different styles. There are different styles in order for all people to be ale to afford and enjoy the game.

How High Should an Air Hockey Table Be? The only real height requirement for air hockey tables comes at the professional level. Their tables must meet an exact size to be an approved air hockey table. The standard height measurement is 32 inches.

When you look at non-professional models you will find that air hockey tables come in a variety of heights as well as sizes. Some will fit right on your coffee table and be less than 6 inches off the surface.

How Tall Are Air Hockey Tables


It all depends on the model you buy. Air hockey games for children usually sit flush on the floor or the table. This allows your children to play and have fun as they get used to the game.

The more advanced table top versions, made for older children, usually have legs that lift the air hockey table 4 to 6 inches off the table. If you have the room, then there are smaller stand alone versions whose height will be roughly 30 to 35 inches tall.

The more complex the table the more they will adhere to the professional limit of 32 inches high.

Ideal Air Hockey Table Height

For older, taller kids and adults, the standard professional size of 32 inches would be the ideal height for an air hockey table. This height allows for players to get their best shots off without putting any weight or stress on the air hockey table.


Smaller teenagers and little children can’t use these tables that well. The height takes away their reach and their efforts end in frustration. For them, a smaller table even if it is a little higher than the professional limit would be ideal.

Smaller tables allow for the smaller teenagers to make their shots without putting undo weight and stress on the game. Table top air hockey tables are also idea, as they allow for the players to sit as they play. They can enjoy the game longer as their legs won't get tired.

Adjustable Height Air Hockey Table

These tables might be seen as an ideal air hockey table. This may be because each table gives you so many good options. First, if your floor isn't level, you can use the adjustment feature to level the game.


Second, you can let the table grow with your children. When they are small, you can lower the table to fit their stature and reach. Then as they grow, you can elevate the table and still keep the game competitive

Third, the adjustment feature can save you a lot of money. The game can be in the family for years. Your entertainment dollars will have been well spent and you do not have to replace the table while your child grows up.

Matching Air Hockey Tables to Skill Levels

Before you go out an d buy a brand new air hockey table, you should make sure you know a thing or two about your and your family’s skill levels first. You can always upgrade the air hockey table when yours and your family’s skill levels increase.

#1. Beginner levels- avoid buying the most expensive table for beginners. If the player is a young child then any air hockey table under $200 will help them develop basic air hockey skills.

They will also be able to focus on the fun factor the game brings.

#2. Intermediate levels- the tables that match this level can be larger table top models or those stand alone models that are between 4 and 6 feet in size. You want to give them more room to develop their skills, trick shots and strategies.

These table sizes also keep the fun factor as part of their game and helps everyone to maintain their interest in air hockey

#3. Advanced level- this level would require promoting the player up to the larger air hockey tables including the professional size styles. Here they get a real feel for the game, be serious about playing yet still have fun doing it.

Plus, they will have lots of room to exhibit their skill and abilities.

Air Hockey Table Construction

It is a given that the smaller beginner level tables will not be as strong as the larger versions. These tables are not meant for serious playing but to have fun for a few hours each week. They are also not designed to hold the weight of the player when they reach for a shot.

The ideal construction material for an air hockey table is solid wood. This material will handle the weight of the player and the impacts caused by playing. The joints of the solid wood construction should be held together with the proper screws designed for the task.

Having levelers on the legs is a plus as these keep the table nice and level for fair play.

Answering your questions

#1. Where can I buy a good air hockey table?

Besides your box discount stores, you can try sporting goods stores, department stores and even online stores. Or you can visit an air hockey manufacturer for a complete range of sizes and prices.

#2. What kind of construction material should be on the air hockey table’s walls?

A good air hockey table will have their walls made of either nylon or aluminum. These materials are very durable and hard to dent, scratch or nick.

Some Final Comments

To find the right air hockey table for you and your family, you will need to take into account the age of the players, their height and their skill levels. If your children are small and young then it is best to just get a small table top version over one they can’t reach the center.

Another criteria is the purpose. If you just want your kids to have fun then go with a less expensive model. In any case, you can always upgrade to a better table if your kids really like the game and want to play it all the time.

If your kids want to go pro then settle for the 32 inch high model.

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