JumpKing Trampoline Reviews: How Good Are They?

When it comes to recreational trampolines, JumpKing is without a doubt one of the most popular brands worldwide. That’s why we pieced together this short article, which is going to serve as the ultimate guide through JumpKing Trampoline reviews. What we did was an extensive research on JumpKing products, verified customer reviews and experiences. As a result, we have made this article to help you see whether you should add a JumpKing trampoline to your cart or not.

The trampolines that JumpKing makes are known for their reliability, safety and great value for money. However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine at JumpKing, as their products have certain drawbacks as well. So, in order to paint you a clear picture on how good (or bad) these trampolines are, we’re going to tackle both their pros and cons.

Read on to find out what are some of the best JumpKing Trampolines out there and how to pick the one that’s right for you!

1. JumpKing 15 Trampoline


The JumpKing 15 is one of the high-quality trampolines. We consider this one to be one of the safest choices on the market. However, we’d like to note that no trampoline is 100%. But the safety net on the JumpKing 15, along with the zippers that prevent falling through, is a proof that JumpKing takes safety to another level.

There is no such thing as a perfect trampoline, so it’s not surprising that even this popular model comes with a number of shortcomings. For instance, the weight limit is 250lbs, which might turn out as not enough. Also, the warranty period is rather short. Finally, the set-up of this trampoline can turn out to be a nightmare. However, there’s a quick solution for the last one since Amazon offers an installation service for an additional fee. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon.

2. JumpKing 14 Foot Trampoline


The JumpKing 14 is, just like the previous one, another great buy in the world of JumpKing trampolines. First off, this model promises a quick assembly, so the chances are you’ll be able to install it with ease. Also, what’s great about it is its shape! This model belongs to the line of JumpKing rectangular trampolines. The shape preferences are totally subjective, however, the rectangular shape does offer a greater weight limit. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon >>

On the other hand, the disadvantage of this trampoline is its high price. Therefore, we recommend thinking it through. While this could be a good investment for the competitive athletes, it might be too much money for those that want to use it recreationally.

3. Oval JumpKing Trampoline


Moving on to the oval-shaped JumpKing trampolines. This model, as every single JumpKing trampoline, brings a lot to the table. Even so, it’s far from perfect and it has its own drawbacks.

First of all, we’d like to note that the oval JumpKing trampoline is among the safer options out there. But its price is rather high and the weight limitation rather low (only 200lbs). So we recommend weighing out the pros and cons and seeing if this model can match your needs. Read more here.

4. Rectangular JumpKing 7 x 10


The last one on our list is the rectangular JumpKing 7x10 model. You might have already noticed that we didn’t say “The last BUT NOT LEAST”. Well, there’s a reason for that. This particular trampoline has numerous weaknesses. However, we’d recommend reading through our review, as its specs might be perfectly suitable for your own needs.

Firstly, this trampoline is extremely affordable compared to other JumpKing rectangular trampolines. Secondly, it’s rectangular shape is perfect for competitive athletes, as it offers a greater bounce. On the other hand, this “greater bounce” can be an additional risk of injury for those who are using it unprofessionally. Finally, it’s really small in size. So, while it might be perfect for people with a small yard, it can be quite inconvenient when more than one kid wants to play. Check the latest price here >>

How Good Are JumpKing Trampolines

Alright, now that we’ve laid out our JumpKing trampoline reviews, let’s see how good JumpKing trampolines really are. As we have mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a perfectly safe trampoline. But JumpKing really puts in effort into finding innovative ways of protecting their customers. We can safely say that their trampolines are one of the best trampolines on the market. They grant their customers extreme durability and high quality. In addition to that, their trampolines come in various shapes and sizes. So you can easily find the option that will suit your own needs. And when it comes to the price of JumpKing trampolines, there’s something for everyone’s pocket.

Sure, their trampolines aren’t perfect. But there is no such thing as a perfect trampoline. So, regardless of the downsides that JumpKing trampolines have, there’s a long list of advantages to outweigh them.

Where Are JumpKing Trampolines Made

The location of JumpKing headquarters is Dallas, Texas. YJ Corporation acquired JumpKing in 2004 and they manufacture the trampolines and ship them to YJ USA and YJ Europe Ltd, in the United Kingdom.

JumpKing Trampoline Height

As far as the height of JumpKing trampolines goes, they are around 3ft tall, from the ground all the way to the bed. We should note that some JumpKing trampolines come with a ladder. That way, your kid will have no trouble climbing on to it. However, not all models offer this ease of access. So you might want to take that into consideration and see if you need to purchase a ladder for an additional fee.

JumpKing Trampoline Accessories

There are certain accessories that may provide your little ones with even more safety. JumpKing trampoline accessories include trampoline ladders, nets and a cover range. That way, not only will your kids be safer, but they will also have a somewhat easier access to the trampoline.

To make their fun time even better, JumpKing offers tents and canopies in crazy colors and patterns.

JumpKing Trampoline Replacement Parts

It’s incredibly easy to find spares for JumpKing trampolines. We recommend to equip yourselves with replacement parts, such as springs, bungees, surround padding, extra nets and rods. The good news is that JumpKing offers all of that, so if you happen to be in a need for a replacement part — you won’t have troubles finding it!

JumpKing Trampoline Assembly

As we have mentioned earlier in the text, JumpKing trampoline assembly can go both ways. What we can say for sure is that every JumpKing trampoline comes with detailed installation instructions. However, for some, even these won’t help.

For a quick installation, you can pay an additional fee and leave it to the pros. However, if you’re feeling confident enough, we say you go ahead and try doing it by yourself. Usually, it shouldn’t take more than 4 hours to install it. Our advice would be to gather your friends and do it as a fun project. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also spend it with your loved ones.

What We Like vs. What We Don’t Like

The purpose of this article isn’t to make you buy one of the JumpKing trampolines. Actually, its purpose is to help you see if their trampolines are worth buying. There’s a large list of benefits they offer, way larger than those of the competitors. However, it’s not like they have no flaws. And our role here is to point out both sides to you. That way, you will be able to see the whole picture and decide whether the pros outweigh the cons or not.

What we like

  • The value for money is great
  • There is a variety of shapes to choose from 
  • The materials the manufacturer uses grant us with durability and reliability
  • jumpkink trampolines are proven to be among the best ones the market

What we don't like

  • Some of the JumpKing trampolines are quite expensive.
  • Rather short warranty lengths.
  • Mixed reports on how difficult setting up the trampoline is.

Where to Buy JumpKing Trampolines

For those wondering where to find the best priced JumpKing trampoline, our recommendation is to go straight to Amazon.com. Check all JumpKing trampoline prices on Amazon here >>


Alright, guys! That’s it. We’ve made it to the very end of our article on JumpKing trampoline reviews.

We did a thorough research on what customers liked the most about these trampolines, along with all the related flaws and shortcomings. As we have stated a couple of times, there is no doubt in our minds that JumpKing trampolines are one of the best options out there. They have an impeccable manufacturing quality and rather reasonable prices on their side.

If you are looking for a trampoline, just think about the pros and cons we have listed and, who knows, one of the models we have mentioned may be on your next shopping list!

We sincerely hope our article helps you make a decision. And, if that’s the case, make sure you head straight to Amazon.com and buy the JumpKing trampoline you like.

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