Why do Trampoline Parks Make You Buy Socks? (How Much For?)

Sock it to me. It is a bad play on words but the subject of trampolines just make us want to lighten the mood a bit. Trampolines are a lot of fun but you may not be able to wear shoes when you want to jump on them at a trampoline park. You need to have socks or special trampoline socks.

Why do trampoline parks make you buy socks? There is a little sunshine on this topic. You need to buy socks so that your shoes or the other guests’ shoes do not damage the trampoline. Trampoline socks do not cost that much. One park charges about $2 a pair.

To learn more about trampolines and the socks you need to have just keep reading our article. It answers the questions you may have about going to a trampoline park and wearing your shoes.

What is Trampoline Park Socks?

Trampoline socks are socks that are specially made for trampoline use. They protect your feet while you bounce and they are non-slip. These socks are made to help protect you from accidents that may happen if you land slightly off.

Also, these socks protect you if your feet slip under the outside protective barrier and hit the springs. Normal socks may not have that special non-slip ingredient woven into their construction material and may be too slippery to use on a trampoline.

Since they are cheap, it is a good idea to have yourself and your kids protected with another layer of safety equipment.

Do You Have to Wear Socks at a Trampoline Park?


To be on the safe side, you should wear trampoline socks when you are at a trampoline park. Most reputable parks will require you to wear them for safety reasons. They do not want you to slip, fall and hurt yourself. The trampoline park owners want you to enjoy yourself, not end up in the hospital.

The other reason you need to wear these socks at a trampoline park is to stop the spread of diseases. Not just athlete’s foot but other issues that can be spread through communal activities.

Finally, trampoline socks help keep all the trampolines and equipment clean.

Why do Trampoline Parks Make You Buy Socks?


Trampoline parks make you buy their socks for several reasons. One is, of course, for legal purposes. Making sure you are wearing all the safety equipment reasonably possible protects them from any possible legal action if you or your children get hurt.

Another concern is the health safety of all the people participating at the same time or throughout the disease. As we previously said, viruses, bacteria, and germs can be spread through the use of bare feet.

Keeping health issues to a minimum is in the best interest of the community. Epidemics have been spread through lesser means.

How Much are The Socks at Sky Zone?

Sky Zone has a variety of prices for their trampoline sessions. You get to pick how long you want to jump, have fun and get some exercise in. The good news is that their trampoline socks are all at one price.

When you go to Sky Zone to jump expect to pay $3 no matter which session you want to do. These socks are worth it as they are specially made to protect you and the trampolines.

Launch Trampoline Park Socks Prices


We searched many launch web pages and several of their local parks to find the prices on their trampoline socks. The sad news is that they don‘t display those prices on their pricing page.

We know that they sell socks because one person Yelp made a comment about having to buy a pair or two. But she did not say how much they were. We also see trampoline socks on the feet of those who are in the advertising pictures but again, no mention of their price that we could find.

Even their blurb on what their general admission includes did not mention trampoline socks. So the best bet is that you have to wait till you get to the park to find out.

Urban Air Trampoline Park Socks

It was a lot easier to find out the price for Urban Air trampoline socks. It is not such a state secret as it is over at Launch. For one pair of good trampoline socks at this company you will need to pay between $2 and $3.

Prices may vary depending on the state and city the park your visit is in. One place has it at $2 and another has it at $2.50. Se we will take a shot in the dark here and say the price for trampoline socks at Launch will be about the same cost, give or take a few pennies.

Where to Buy Trampoline Park Socks?


The best place to buy your trampoline socks is at the trampoline park you are going to. That is if you do not have a pair already. If you do, then that is great. Their cost is minimal, about $2 to 3 depending on the park you are going to.

If you have your own trampoline at home, you can try a variety of sporting goods stores. They may stock them or be able to order a few pairs in for you. 

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Some Final Words

Safety precautions are not being overly fearful or paranoid. As long as you stay within reason, you should be okay. Buying trampoline socks and using them at the trampoline park is following safety standards and are within reason.

Besides most parks will make you buy them before you can jump on their trampolines. The socks make your trampoline time more fun as well. You can have confidence in your tricks and jumps by using these non slip socks all the time.

Plus, you get to take them home with you and use them again. So if you are careful you can use these socks many times and save some money.

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