Bounce Park for Adults: Can Adults Go To Trampoline Parks?

Trampolines are for everyone. Why should kids have all the fun? Trampolines are great exercise and a lot of fun at the same time. Trampoline parks also create a great social event so everyone can get to know each other. That is important in today’s world.

Can adults go to trampoline parks? You may already know the answer but we will give it to you anyway. Yes, they can go to trampoline parks. Letting the kids use a trampoline is excluding yourself from a lot of fun and great exercise.

To learn more about adults at trampoline parks just continue to read our article. It gives you the inside information about adults and trampolines. Plus, it gives you permission to enjoy great trampoline parks with your kids.

Best Trampoline Park for Adults


As usual, the best bounce park for adults will be the one you like best and probably right in your city. No matter how good a bounce park is, very few adults want to drive long distances for recreation after a hard day of work.

But one of the top bounce parks for adults would be Big Bounce America. It seems to be the biggest bounce park in the nation and it holds lots of entertainment and exercise options for adults. You can look them up at this link.

They do have an adults-only session or two and all the details are at that link. Another top location for the whole family would be the Bounce Bounce park. You can read all about it here.

They do accept special parties and appointments so it is no doubt they host all adult parties with no problems. Not to be outdone, Bounce Milwaukee, if you are in Wisconsin, is a great place to go and like the previous park, you would have to make special arrangements for you to have your adults-only night locked in.

Their contact information is at this link. For your local area check your local yellow pages, parents’ groups or use your computer to find one for you and your adult friends to use.

Adults Night at a Trampoline Park


Adults night at a trampoline park simply means that no children are allowed to come watch their parents enjoy themselves at what they thought was a kid’s entertainment and exercise tool.

Adults need good quality exercise time without having it interrupted by parental duties. This is good as adults need to be better parents and this is one way to help them get to that objective.

In fact, if they work on a computer all day or in an office it is recommended that adults get some sort of good exercise regularly. Trampolines are not excluded from that prescription.

Adults get quite a few benefits from using a trampoline and one is they get to relax and lose a lot of stress. Next, they can get rid of excess fat while stretching their muscles at the same time.

But there is more good news. Adults on trampolines get a boost to their metabolism and blood circulation They also get rid of waste a lot easier and faster. Next, they can sleep better at night and be more rested in the morning.

There are a lot more benefits for adults when they choose to use a trampoline for their exercise time. Keep in mind that a healthier parent is going to be a better parent for the most part.

Can Adults Jump at Sky Zone?


The good news here is that adults are very welcome to get their fun and exercise at Sky Zone. The key is, and it is the same for kids as it is for adults, to follow all the rules the trampoline park has posted.

The rules are there to protect you and to make sure you get the most enjoyment out of your time at their parks. We say parks because Sky Zone has many locations throughout the nation and they offer franchise opportunities if you are looking for a fun business to get involved with.

Make sure to read their online waiver before going to one of their parks. These waivers must be signed online and at the park. If your child is under 18, then you as their parent must sign the waiver for them.

Also, while all ages and genders are welcome, the park does separate some activities according to age and size.

Trampoline Park Adults Only


In our research we did not find any specific adults-only trampoline parks. There may well be but they did not come up in our searches on this topic. But with that said, you really don‘t need an adults-only trampoline park to have fun with your adult friends.

Every trampoline park we investigated made certain allowances for adult only times. Some have special nights for parents and other adults to get away from home and the kids for a couple of hours.

They also allow you to book your own special party and exclude the kids. Any special arrangements should be done directly with the trampoline park you want to attend. Then some parks, like Sky Zone do separate adults from the kids depending on the activity, the size of the people involved and their ages.

So contact the closest park near you and get all the details you can so you and your spouse can have a great time away from your children.

Some Final Words

They say that trampolines are good for people between the ages of 3 and 45. Well, they may be right and they may not be. If your careful and older than 45 you should be able to have a little fun and keep your body healthy at a trampoline park.

Just call them up and talk to the owners to see what nights and activities are best for you. As you can see, adults are very welcome at these parks but make sure to sign the waivers so you don’t waste a trip.

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