Cheapest Trampoline Park: How Much Trampoline Parks Cost?

The cost is always a factor, especially when you are on a tight budget. Everyone needs to know how much something costs to make sure their day of entertainment is affordable. By saving a few bucks on admission fees people can enjoy their visit a lot more.

How much trampoline parks cost? The cost to enter a trampoline park can vary. We have seen prices as low as $12 for kids, and it gets even lower for adults. Some adults pay around $5 for a parent’s pass. The price you pay will depend on the park, the attractions you can use and the state or city you are located in.

To learn more about the cost of trampoline parks, just continue to read our article. It goes through the expenses so you can be prepared and budget enough money for the whole family to enjoy their time at one of these parks.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to The Trampoline Park

The total cost of visiting will depend on how many members of your family are going to enter and use the facilities. Also, it will depend on if you buy passes or not. At one park, you are looking at paying between $12 and $15 for one hour.

They have lower rates for 2 and 3 hour time limits and the prices for those come in at $21 and $27, respectively. Toddler time may be a bit cheaper as another park charges $8 for toddlers and a little higher for regular 1 to 3-hour sessions.

Then there are different memberships you can buy or attend special events at discounted rates. You would have to contact the trampoline park you want to attend to get exact figures.

Average Trampoline Park Prices


The average cost of attending a trampoline park for one hour seems to fall into the $12 to $15 range for regular teens and users. But again some prices are not advertised on the trampoline park’s websites like Sky Zone.

These parks are franchised and their rates may vary especially if you visit one in another country. To get their prices you have to select the exact location you want to visit and then go from there.

Because these parks offer so many memberships, special jump times and discounts it is actually quite difficult to get an average price. If you wear an Attitude T-shirt, for example, you get a dollar off their regular fee.

Toddler time seems to average out at $8 per session.

How Much Does Altitude Trampoline Park Cost?

This trampoline park seems to be on the more inexpensive side of the business. A single jump hour is $12.95. A two-hour session goes up to $20,95 and a three hour time frame reaches $25.95.

Toddler time is $7.95 with parents jumping for an extra $2. Or children under the age of 2 are free when adults pay $6.95. Sundays this park lets you jump for 3 hours for $17.95 and they have other specials that make attending this park very attractive.

If you homeschool, you won’t be excluded from the fun. Altitude has a home school special that gives your Age 7 and older students 2 hours of jumping time for $10. The cost is lowered to $8 for homeschooled kids between the ages of 3 and 6.

How Much Does SkyZone Cost For 1 Hour?

This company has over 200 facilities in both Canada and America. The best we can do is give you an average price as their entry fees will change from country to country and location to location. On average, the half-hour fee is $12.

The one hour fee is $15. These prices are per person. One of their parks in Arizona was charging about $14 per person but keep in mind that these companies reserve the right to change prices at any time and without notice.

If you have 10 or more people wanting to come as a group, then reservations should be made and you will be charged an additional $1 per person for the reservation.

How Much is a Sky Zone Summer Pass?


The company does not list a specifically titled summer pass on one of the franchise websites we viewed. They do have 3 membership categories you can buy. The first is the basic membership which costs $19.99.

The next level is the elite membership and the fee for that and its many discounts is $24.99. The final level is the Elite+ membership, and it will cost you $39.99. Each membership package comes with its own savings and options to make your time more enjoyable when you attend a Sky Zone trampoline park.

A 30-day pass at another Sky Zone facility is $44.99 so to find one that offers a summer pass would take a little more time consuming research.

How Much is it Per Person at Sky Zone?

The average price is listed above but that is the average price. It seems that each park owner gets to determine the cost of admittance on their own and some of the price difference will depend on location.

For one park in Illinois, the cost for one person is $16.99. This is probably due to the high property taxes the park has in that state. The Sky Zone website has an easy to use location web page so you can find what your local Sky Zone trampoline park is charging by visiting their main website which is found at this link.

How Much is it Per Person at Urban Air?

If you want basic attractions only, you could pay as much as $14.99 per person. The price will go up depending on how many and what attractions you want to use. For example, the deluxe package is $19.99 per person.


The next level up will cost you about $24.99 and the final one day package is $29.99. Parents pay about $6 dollars to join their children and the toddler cost is $8.99. To find out all the details and costs involved just click this link to explore their website. That is the web page of one of their Oklahoma trampoline park.

Don’t forget that when you buy tickets online, you have to sign the waiver and then probably have to resign it once you arrive at the park.

Do Parents Pay at Sky Zone?

The safe answer is yes. We say it in that way because these parks do not always separate the cost according to age. Most parks, like Sky Zone, simply say per person or per jumper. So it is safe to conclude that parents pay when they attend these parks with their children.

One special Sky Zone seems to have is a family night where a $45 fee gets a family 5 passes plus a few extras. In listing their new price structure, a single hour costs $15 now, the company states that they separate jumpers by age and size for some attractions.

This is an indication that adults have to pay as well and they get separated from their children because of the age difference.

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park Price


You may be attracted to this trampoline park because its admission prices are lower than many of the other competitors. For one hour you are paying $10.99 and if you want to exercise for a longer period of time, you can pay $14.99 for 90 minutes and $18.99 for 2 hours.

A special unlimited pass is $23.99 and these prices are for individual users only. There is another section detailing the group costs for you. They also have a link to party fees which may help you save a little money.

Check their website here.

What is The Cheapest Trampoline Park?

This may be hard to say as there may be some less reputable trampoline parks that undercut the cost of going to the more reputable and famous ones. But during our research, we found that the cheapest park that we came across is Zero Gravity. Its one hour and other individual prices are at least $2 to 5 cheaper than the other ones we looked at.

Of course, with that said, cheap is not always the best, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to attend these parks to see if they are better than the others. But for what you get Zero Gravity seems to be a very good reputable trampoline park that has a lot of amenities for you and your family to enjoy.

Some Final Words

We need to say this as with all pricing articles the prices quoted are the current listed prices. Each trampoline park reserves the right to change those prices without notice. As with Sky Zone, it may be in your favor as sometimes the costs can come down.

Also, prices will vary depending on the location so the costs listed here may not be the cost at the park you chose to attend. Regardless, trampoline parks are a lot of fun and they are a great way to get some good exercise in.

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