Find Out the Top 6 Best Indoor Trampoline Parks in Orlando Florida (Kissimmee, Sanford)

When the weather is right in the Orlando FL area, which is most of the time, it can't be beat. But then there are those rainy days when we tend to get the blues. It's no fun going to the beach or anyplace…or is there?

We've got news for you. One of the best ways to beat the blues, get some fun exercise, and work up a hearty appetite is to spend some time at an indoor trampoline park.

The Orlando area boasts a number of indoor trampoline parks, so surely there is one near you. But that doesn't tell you which the best indoor trampoline park in Orlando FL is.


Well, here we're going to list the best six indoor trampoline parks in the Orlando FL area. We're not paid to make nice. Each will be based on its merits and its weaknesses.

Rebounderz Apopka - We rate this one at 90%

Location: 474 South Hunt Club Blvd. Website:

Rates vary depending on day, length of visit and locker rentals at $3.00 for your valuables. Yes, you may book a party. Rates vary depending on the length of time and the number of Jumpers. You may reserve space for your next big event on line right now at their website:

Did you ever play Dodgeball? Okay, it's hard enough the way it's usually played or the day, or the way Owen Wilson played it in the film. But this is a whole new level for Dodgeball players. We're talkin' Dodgeball in the air. Yes! You'll be dipping, diving, dodging and ducking while you dance around on our trampolines.

And another great asset is that our trampolines are right in the heart of Apopka. You may already know that it's hard to find real family time when everyone has an activity they can share. Dad comes home from work tired and still licking his wounds from that tongue lashing his supervisor gave him for something he didn't even do. Mom is exhausted from having the plumber in to fool around with the garbage disposal. She knows dinner will be late now and then the kids come home. Some have homework, some head for the TV and that new video game while the little ones enjoy playing with their dolls in a make-believe world that no one else can enter.

But at Rebonderz the entire family can really have fun together, and we're not just talkin' Dodgeball. Dodgeball is only one of the exciting attractions you're going to find at Rebonderz.

How about a dip in the Foam Pit? Okay, the foam is nice clean blocks of foam rising five feet above the ground while for a little extra rush, trampolines are lines up two feet above the ground.

The Lycra foam blocks provide cushion to the max and there's no extra cost to enjoy this exciting jump into the depths.

And here's an idea: You've seen those skateboard setups, haven't you? Well, here you have a field of trampolines with trampoline walls up the sides. And you don't have to worry about safety. Our equipment at Rebonderz is the safest that money can buy, and in addition to that, we maintain a highly trained staff, with a good attitude and believe us when we tell you there isn't a safer amusement part in existence!

In-between the workout the family will get, there is a huge arcade with the latest games of every sort. Sometimes it's difficult to drag some of the kids away for more trampoline play when they get immersed in one of the arcade games.

And don't foregt our attractive café. No, it's not one of those things with stale sandwiches in a machine next to a soda machine. We're talking a real café with an attendant at the counter. So, yes, there are some machine dispensers too, but a the counter you can get real pizza, hot dogs, ICEES, fries, pretzels, and much more than that: You're really hungry? A hot dog won't (excuse the expression) cut the mustard? How about one of our great combination meal choices to fill you up?

Jolanda D. wrote: "Everything was beautiful, clean and well maintained. And a big plus was that admission included expresses passes for the Universal Parks."

But no enterprise can please everyone. José of Miami says, "The check-in process you have to go through to for the trampoline was disorganized and archaic."

Others write: Dirty bathrooms. You have to pay an unannounced $3.00 per child for "special socks"

"Only a few arcade gaes"

"Management not helpful; terrible customer service."

Kelly H. writes: "We had a great time. Spent most of the time in the foam pit."

Gaby C. says: "We had a blast. Great staff and very friendly." Family fun where everyone spend some quality time together. The best indoor trampoline park in Orlando FL"

AirHeads Trampoline Arena Orlando — 83%

33 West Pineloch Ave.  Website:

They tell us this is the place for big thills. Airheads is especially open and friendly for birthday parties, fundraisers, group events. You name it and they'll work with you to make it happen. They even offer a party planner to help you get the most in pleasure and fun, but the best deal for your budget as well.

And in addition to that, Airheads knows what your kids want and they've done their best to provide it the trampoline arenas around. And in addition to all you expect in an indoor trampoline arena, Airheads hosts other activities as well, such as field trips, summer camps, church outings, private events and other activities. Walk-ins are always welcome to come on in for the ultimate adrenaline rush and you can always get a cold drink or other refreshment in the AirCafé.

"My four children, 12—17 and they all had a really good time"

"Plenty of parking"

"Way too expensive for hat you get. Too many rules."

"Waste of money. WE came looking for a good time and left disappointed."

Sky Zone Trampoline Park Clermont - This one comes in at an 87%.

It's located at 2510 South Highway 27 in Clermont, FL  Website:


The Freeclimb is a really fun way to do some save indoor rock climb. Just head on up this wall of boulders without a harness. It's just you against the wall.

SkySlam is another winner where you can dunk harder than ever before and jump higher at the same time. Hey, join the party above the rim. It's open to all.

And Sky Zone didn't neglect the foam zone either where kids can dive in without fear through the air for a soft landing in this huge foam squares — a veritable swimming pool of foam!

Got some toddlers? Sky Zone Trampoline didn't forget the little once eithers. The Toddler Zone was designed to be an exclusive Zone where the little ones will have just as much fun as everyone else. Parents and their toddlers can enjoy many of the same attractions as everyone else — only on a smaller scale. Come check it out!

Hey big guy, if you follow basketball on TV. You're gonna love SlamDunk! Nobody ever forgets that first dunk when you leap into the sky and lay that ball in the net. What a blast!

Dodgeball anyone? Sky Zone features two kinds of serious Dodgeball: There's Ultimate Dodgeball. You leap like a genetically improved athlete, and then there's Fusion Ultimate Dodgeball. This is Dodgeball on steroids, so be warned. Our new padless fusion Trampolien Courts are available exclusively at Sky Zone.

So bring the entire family for a real evening of togetherness and so much fun you won't be able to take it all at SkyZone Trampoline Part, one of the best indoor trampoline parks in Orlando FL.

"Had a blast."

"Great fun for kids & adults."

"Not family friendly."

Boing Fun Center Trampoline Park — 77%

532 South Econ Circle № 120

Check first at

You can book your next event right here. Birthdays, Qinceañeros, Marriages. And we can supply everything: Cake and the whole works. (No Divorce Parties. Sorry, that's a downer!)

Trampolines, of course. Over 12,000 sq. ft. of seriously springy bounce. 

This park has DodgeBall, Open Jump, Basketball and much more including Toddler Time and Bitty Boing, for those just a wee bit too big to want to be called toddlers.

"Fun for everyone."


"Our teenage kids love the Dodgeball."

Outer Limitz Trampoline Arena & Family Entertainment Center — 77%

6725 South Kirkman Road — Open at 12PM — Saturday and Sunday at 10AM

Outer Limitz features a huge trampoline arena that climbs the walls, much like those created outdoors for skateboarders. This one will drive you crazy bouncing off the walls and back again.

Of course, that perennial favorite, Dodgeball has its own arena and the Basketball Slam will make you think you're the next Michael Jorden.

There's rope climbing without a harness and the Spiderzone Climber. Did we mention all the other fun features? Sorry, there just isn't room here, but believe us, Outer Limitz Trampoline Arena is one of the best indoor trampoline parks in Orland Fl.

"Lots of fun activity, but nasty bathrooms."

"Clean and friendly. Friendly staff and management clearly visible.

"A place where you can bounce all you want with foam pits."

Hukoo's Family Fun Orlando — 75%

1051 Sand Lake Road   Website:

Here you'll find Laser Tag, good old Bumper Cars, a complete Trampoline Park with an

Arcade for good measure. And space for your next event, be it a birthday party, homecoming, qinceañero or just one of those great get-togethers when family comes from out of town for one of those memorable family reunions with pictures for your scrapbooks.

"Great family fun"

"This place was a blast."

"Bathrooms rarely checked and no one seems to care"

"Fun, with different little things to do, but you pay too much for what you get"

Pricing for services and time in the above-cited parks is so varied that it's almost impossible to keep track of them. Considering the investment made in the parks and their upkeep, along with the overall fun people get, as compared with other activities, the prices are not exorbitant. After all, consider the cost of today's movie theaters, plus the popcorn and sodas, and all you get in return is a two-hour film and sticky feet. Most events at other venues, such as fairgrounds, etc. charge nearly as much to park out in left field as you pay for a couple of hours of Dodgeball in one of the best indoor trampoline parks in Orlando.

The Bottom Line

Trampoline parks can be a great deal of fun for kids and adults alike. They're safe and almost always there is plenty of staff around to see that no one gets hurt or out of line. Generally speaking, they're clean and sanitary. Normally you'll have to rent clean socks to wear during your visit. The cost, usually $2.00 to $3.00 is money well spent. No one wants to come home only to find out he/she is athlete's foot's newest victim.

Orlando is a great and favorite place for jumping places, indoor trampoline parks, and good old Dodgeball.

Here in Orlando, you have a wide choice of clean, athletic and safe entertainment for very reasonable prices. A lot healthier than eating salty popcorn for two hours while sipping on colas.

Believe us, trampoline play is some of the best most healthful exercise your kids can get, and maybe you can get back into those 32" waist slacks hanging in the back of the closet!

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