How to Disassemble a Trampoline the Easy Way

You might find yourself in a situation that forces you to disassemble your trampoline, whether because your wife woke up with the crazy idea of a backyard renovation, because you need to change some cranky parts, because you have decided to sell it or maybe it’s just winter and you have to protect your trampoline from the weather. Either way, you probably want to know an easy way for you to disassemble it without ending up with a headache and a strained back.

What kind of tools do you need to take apart a trampoline

You don’t need elaborate tools to take down a trampoline. It might seem complicated to disassemble one but the truth is, all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver and a 10mm spanner for the frame in particular and you will be halfway through, then you might need a spring tool for the springs but if you keep reading you will discover the easiest way to take down a trampoline without the traditional trampoline toolkit. But a Phillips head screwdriver or a power drill and a 10mm spanner will do the job.

Trampoline disassembly tool

If you bought a brand-new trampoline, the package should contain an assembly toolkit. Generally, it comes with a screwdriver, a spring puller also called spring tool and a rubber mallet. These pieces of equipment will also help you disassemble your trampoline. If you bought a second-hand trampoline, you might be missing these tools but that is not the end of the world as we are going to explain to you how to disassemble a trampoline with tools you already have. You can also read our how to use and make a trampoline spring tool guide.


How to take apart a trampoline safety net


Removing the safety net should be a breeze. Take down the supports to which the safety net is attached to by unclamping them from the legs of the frame, then take off the bottom of the net from the rail of the trampoline, then all you have to do is slide the net out of the enclosure poles. Disassemble the poles and keep them together somewhere safe and carefully handle and store the net so that you don’t risk ripping it apart. It might still be useful unless you are planning on buying a new net.

How to take springs off a trampoline

Completing this task might be really challenging if you don’t know few tricks of the job. You might have a spring tool or you might not. Either way removing springs off your trampoline will be a matter of few minutes if you follow our directions.


Here’s when an unused spring will come in handy: take an old spring and connect it from the frame side to the hook of the spring you want to remove, then pull it up towards yourself and the spring is going to come off immediately. When you do this process, make sure you are not removing the springs from one side all at once, keep the process balanced because you don’t want the springs to pop off at you! If you own a trampoline spring tool, the process looks exactly the same.

You can also use a pair of pliers to take them down. Hold the spring with the pliers from the hook on the mat side, and pull it off with an upward motion. This might not be a good idea if the springs are particularly rusty since the tension you apply to the pliers might break the springs.

How to take apart a rusty trampoline

Taking apart a rusty trampoline might be challenging if you don’t pay extra attention when you do it. A rusty trampoline is unpredictable when you handle it. First of all, make sure you are wearing gloves at all times. Unstrap the safety pads, then focus on taking down the springs. When it comes to rusty springs you have to, and we say it again, you have to take them down following these specific instructions: choose the first spring you are going to take down then remove the one on the exact opposite side. Follow this pattern until no springs are left. Then you should take down the frame carefully. You might need some help as you dismantle each part with a screwdriver.

Trampoline frame stuck

As you deal with the frame you might end up working with a really stubborn frame. Make this step easier by using some penetrating oil of your choice, let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Then to make this step go by quicker we suggest that you unscrew the top screws first so that you can take down the stands by pulling up the ring. If the pipes of the legs don’t come off right away spin them and they will easily come off from the ring. After that, you will be left with the assembled ring only, now you can disassemble it and store the pieces away.

Trampoline Storage Tips

Store the pieces in a dry place away from sunlight. If you choose to only disassemble the mat, the springs, and the safety net, you can leave the frame outdoors only if it is made of rust-resistant materials and only if you cover it. You should make sure that the frame doesn’t come in contact with dirt and the harsh weather, that is why we highly recommend a cover for your frame. You might also be able to store your trampoline indoors without disassembling it based on its size and space availability, if that’s your case, remember to always keep your trampoline horizontal to maintain its balance. But we suggest disassembling it following our easy steps to reduce the chances of unnecessary damages.

The Bottom Line

It sounds easy, right? It really is. This is the easiest way to take down a trampoline. If you follow these easy steps not only you will be able to disassemble a trampoline in a short amount of time, but whether you are planning on moving it, sell it, or just repair it from the cold winter, this procedure will also guarantee that the pieces will be ready to be used and assembled again. We’ve seen so many people disassembling a trampoline the wrong way, they ended up damaging most of the parts making the trampoline unsafe and unusable. But after reading this brief guide, we know you will not be that person.

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