How to Use a Trampoline Spring Tool (Alternatives and DIY)

We know that there are a lot of people out there using all kinds of tricks to install or undo trampoline springs. Some even reach for a dishcloth or a pair of pliers. While this might sound like an interesting way to test out your strength and skills, we’d recommend other options first. Why? Well, let’s just say that there’s a much easier way to fix or remove springs. Doing it with bare hands or a dishcloth makes it far more difficult than with a proper trampoline spring puller tool. That’s right, there is a dedicated tool for it.

Therefore, in this article we will explain everything there is to know about the trampoline spring puller tool. What’s more, we will provide a short guide on how to use this trampoline spring tool, too. So, make yourself comfortable and keep reading to find out more about this useful piece of tooling.

How to use a trampoline spring tool


It’s needless to say that every trampoline owner should have a trampoline spring tool. Not only will this trampoline tool save your hands from potential injuries, but it will also make your work way easier.

The trampoline tool has a T shape and that’s why it’s known as a trampoline spring pull tool T-hook. So, it’s a T-hook that has a soft rubber grip at the end of it. There are a couple of scenarios when you might want to have this trampoline spring tool with you.

Firstly, you’re going to need the trampoline tool during the installation process. This tool will be a true lifesaver once you start installing the springs and stretching the mat.

Secondly, and we’re sure you already know this, the springs on your trampoline might get damaged over time. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of your trampoline. What you need to do is replace the damaged springs with new ones. And that’s another situation in which you’ll be glad that you have the trampoline spring tool.

Finally, unless you live in a place where you can soak up the sun all year long, you’ll have to think about the removal of all the trampoline springs. So, in order to dismantle your trampoline and store it somewhere safe and hidden from the harsh weather, you’ll need to remove every single spring that you have on it.

We didn’t mean to scare you with the previous sentence but, in case we did, there’s no need to be scared if you have a trampoline spring tool! That’s right, the activity of removing every single spring will be a piece of cake with it.

All in all, there are numerous situations in which you will be happy you once made a choice to purchase the trampoline tool. This tool is definitely not something you will regret buying (or making).

How to make a trampoline spring tool


As we’ve just mentioned, you don’t necessarily have to buy a trampoline spring tool. What you can do instead is put in some effort into making one yourself! Basically, this way you’ll save up some cash and have some fun while making something on your own. And, here’s how to do it.

All you’ll need here is a piece of wood that will serve as a handle, one long steel nail, pliers and a drill. According to the width of the nail, you should drill a hole in the center of the handle just so the long nail can go through it. After you’ve put the nail through the hole, take the pliers and grab the end of the nail with it. The goal here is to make a hook out of it. Once you’ve finished with the pliers, go ahead and test it out!

  • I. Start by putting your homemade trampoline spring tool through the hook of the spring.
  • II. Then, grab the wooden handle and start pulling the spring towards the loop.
  • III. Voila! All there’s left to do is repeat the same thing with every single spring you have to attach.

We’d like to note that, instead of a piece of wood, you can easily use a metal or iron bar. In that case, instead of drilling, you will have to do a bit of welding.

Trampoline spring tool alternative

We know that there are still people who would rather use some alternative to the actual or DIY version of a trampoline spring pull T-hook. So, we’ve decided to cover those alternative tools as well. Here are our favorite substitutes for a trampoline spring tool:


I. Screwdriver - If you want to put the springs on the trampoline quick and easy without the spring tool, just grab a screwdriver. What you need to do is make the screwdriver go through the spring hook. Then, lead it into the loop and let the hook slide right in. That’s all there is to do. We must note, though, that there are certain spring types that are ¾ closed, making it impossible to slip onto the ring while the screwdriver is in the loop. So, make sure to take that into consideration, too.


II. Pliers - This is a popular alternative to a spring tool, however, our advice is to be really careful with it. First of all, in order to hook the springs onto the loop, you’ll need to grab the spring with pliers and put an enormous amount of pressure to it. In addition to that, as trampoline springs are really tough to handle, you’ll need to put in great efforts into pulling the spring all the way to the loop. Also, just in case, we’d recommend wearing safety glasses for this one.

III. Caulking gun - Another alternative way of installing springs to your trampoline is with the help of a caulking gun. What you’ll need to do is use it backward - hook it into the bottom, drop the handle over the other side and start squeezing the trigger. That way, the gun will make the loop approach the hook and you can attach it with ease.


Where to buy trampoline spring tool

We have great news for those that might want to stick to buying the spring pulling tool for a trampoline. There are certain manufacturers that will ship the tool with the trampoline you purchased. However, usually, that’s not the case. So, you will have to buy one additionally. Our advice is to go straight to and treat yourself to a spring hook tool for your trampoline! You can choose the one you like the most, slip it into your cart and have it delivered to you almost immediately. That’s as easy as it gets, guys!

Recommended trampoline spring pull tool: Trampoline Spring Tools by Oz Trampolines


In case you are having trouble deciding which tool you want to buy, let us help you make that decision. We’ve tested out all sorts of trampoline tools and the one made by Oz Trampolines turned out to be the best!

With this particular spring hook tool, your job of trampoline assembly or removal will turn out to be a piece of cake! Oz Trampolines manufacturers designed this trampoline tool with the use of extremely durable materials. So, what you essentially get is a T-hook made from high-quality steel and a well-molded rubber handle. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon.

What’s more, you don’t get just one T-hook in the pack, you get two! So, bring a family member or a friend and have some fun while assembling your trampoline together!

Final Thoughts

We’ve arrived at the very end of this article! Hopefully, now you’ve learned not only what a trampoline spring puller tool is, but how to use one as well! We’ve tried our best to cover every single alternative to the regular trampoline tool. And, we made a homemade trampoline spring puller version ourselves and shared the guidelines on how those who are crazy about DIY projects can do it, too!

All in all, we hope you’ll find this article useful and get yourself a reliable trampoline tool that you can use to handle those stubborn springs!

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