50 Fun Things to Do On a Trampoline (With Friends or Alone)

50 Fun Things to Do On a Trampoline (With Friends or Alone)

Jumping up and down on a trampoline is one of the favorite pastimes for all of us — young and not so young alike! However, there’s so much more fun to be had on a trampoline. Trampolines are very versatile, and with little imagination, we can spend entire summer days on them by ourselves or with friends.

What’s more, they are a perfect choice for a bunch of kids spending a long summer afternoon together. Parents know this by heart — when we have more than one child in our care, we have to entertain them or else they will riot!

So, trampolines are a godsend when it comes to keeping little kids happy and entertained. They can play on them together or on their own, and the fun never stops as long as the games are imaginative. Therefore, here are 50 fun things to do on a trampoline (with friends or alone).

Fun Things to Do on a Trampoline with Friends

Everything is more fun with friends! And trampolines are no different. Here are a few games that we can enjoy in pairs or groups.

#1 Trampoline Dodgeball or Tag

#1 Trampoline Dodgeball or Tag

Anyone of these games or a combination of both is a great way to make the most out of the trampoline. When there’s a whole group of kids, they can easily divide themselves into two teams and play dodgeball. However, only two players are on the trampoline, while the rest try to hit them with balls from the outside. We love the point system version of the game — one hit, one point. The first player to reach ten points wins. However, head hits are, of course, forbidden.

A game of trampoline tag is similar. One player is blindfolded, and they have to try to hit the rest of the players with the ball — all while bouncing up and down.

#2 Hot Potato

Hot potato is basically reversed dodgeball. One player is on the outside of the trampoline with the ball. They have to throw the balls to the rest of the players who are bouncing on the inside. All players must keep bouncing and if they drop the ball — they’re it!

#3 Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

This is one of many traditional games that all kids and adults know. However, playing it on a trampoline gives it a little something extra.

We personally prefer a modified version of “Follow the leader.” It’s one of the most awesome things to do on the trampoline. All players have to form a line outside of the trampoline. The first person gets in and does a trick or a move. The next person in line has to repeat that trick and add one of their own. The third player has to repeat the first two and add one as well and so on. If a player forgets one of the tricks or messes up — they are out. The winner is the last player standing.

#4 Poison


This game is played with balls. The more balls we throw in, the more challenging the game. The goal is to bounce without touching the balls that are rolling around. The balls are “poison” and the last person still bouncing is the winner.

#5 Dead Man Rise

In this version of the famous “tag,” one person is the “Dead Man.” They keep their eyes closed and try to touch as many players as they can. The trick is that they can’t walk or bounce, just crawl. Other players bounce around them and try to avoid them. However, they can't jump over the “Dead Man.”

The entire game is much more fun if the players chant the accompanying rhyme:
“Dead man, dead man, come alive,
Come alive when I count to five.
One, two, three, four, five.”

Things to Do on a Trampoline by Yourself

Trampolines can also be sources of endless fun and even relaxation even if we are on our own when the fun-time comes. Here are some fun things to do on a trampoline alone.

#6 Make a Hammock

Make a Hammock

Well, you can’t exactly make a hammock out of a trampoline, but you can use it for a great day of relaxing. Trampolines are extremely comfortable. What’s more, there’s plenty of room on them to bring in everything you need for a lounge day — books, a bottle of water, snacks, cushions, etc.

#7 Guess the Cloud Shapes

This is an excellent way to entertain ourselves after a couple of hours of bouncing. We can just lay on our backs and watch the clouds go by. We can guess their shapes, give them names, and make up stories. What better way to spend a lazy day than daydreaming?

#8 Build a Fort

We all love a good hiding place. With a couple of blankets or some cloth, a trampoline makes a great fortress. We can build a perfect castle for our child right in our backyards!

Fun Things to Do on Your Trampoline (Two Friends)

When our kids have a friend over, the best thing to do is to let them out to jump their little hearts out on the trampoline. Here are some games that are perfect for a pair and don’t need a whole group of kids.

#9 Bum Wars

Bum Wars

This game sounds exactly like it is. The goal is for the players to jump a few times, land on their little behinds and jump to their feet. The rules are — only one butt and feet jump per player. If they bounce more than once, they lose points.

#10 Badminton

Badminton is a great game even on land, but it becomes even more fun on a trampoline. The trick is to keep one player on the outside and the other on the inside of the trampoline. Both players do their best to keep the shuttlecock in the air. Meanwhile, the player on the trampoline has to keep bouncing at all times. However, if the shuttlecock is dropped, the players switch places.

#11 Chalk Games

Chalk Games

Chalk games are an ideal choice for two players. However, more players can also enjoy them. The options are endless, and all we need is some non-toxic chalk.

Given that there are two players, we can draw lines for them to follow, or make a game of Match on the trampoline mat. Kids can compete who can match the most pairs. We can use pictures, shapes, or letters. This is also an excellent game for preschoolers since the kids can learn numbers and letters while playing.

#12 Trampoline Twister

Trampoline Twister

Trampoline twister is a more advanced version of any chalk game. What’s more, it’s ideal for us grown-ups, especially if we turn it into a drinking game. Although, of course, we don’t recommend mixing bouncing with drinking.

You can draw your own Twister or just lay one over the trampoline mat. The bounciness of the mat makes the game more challenging.

#13 Turtle and Hare

 Turtle and Hare

The game “Turtle and Hare” is one of the fan-favorites with kids. It’s one of the cool things to do on the trampoline if you only have two players.

One player is the turtle. They roll themselves up in a ball and roll around the trampoline. The other player, the hare, jumps around and tries to avoid the turtle. Once the turtle catches the hare, they switch places.

Fun Things to Do on a Trampoline with Water

#14 Add a Hose

 Add a Hose

This is a favorite game to play on hot summer days. When the heat becomes too much for us and our kids, mounting a hose on our trampoline is the relief we need.

However, one person has to take one for the team and stand outside the trampoline with the hose. But, if the trampoline has a roof, you can mount the hose and jump under the spray. The water will pool on the mat and sprinkle everyone with each jump.

#15 Bubbles


Add more fun to any water game on a trampoline with bubbles! Spray bubble water on the kids while they jump around, or make a huge pile of foam for them. You can also use regular bubbles to make their day, and the kids can chase, or better said jump after them.

#16 Water Balloons

 Water Balloons

Any game that we can play with a ball becomes infinitely more fun when played with water balloons. Even a simple game of catch becomes a high-stakes affair with a water balloon instead of the ball.

Furthermore, when we drop the water balloons, they will bring some much-needed refreshment and a break from the heat.

Cool Things to Do on the Trampoline in the Summer

Summer is a favorite season for trampoline lovers. We all love to spend long summer days bouncing around. Not to mention, the trampolines are an effective way to keep the kids busy. All we need to do is keep them entertained with a few summer games. Some include water and offer a much-needed break from the heat.

Not all summer games include water. After all, some areas are often hit with drought, so water is a valuable resource. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun on a trampoline come summertime. Blow your friends or your kids away with these lively games.

#17 Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

Cherry bomb, also known as “Bombs Away” is a great ball game. We can play it with any ball. However, the bigger the ball, the bigger the challenge. It’s most challenging if we use a huge beach ball. All the players are on the trampoline, and one of them throws the ball in the air and yells “Cherry bomb!”

After that, the ball falls, and every player that doesn’t avoid it loses a life. However, if the ball lands outside of the trampoline, all players lose a life.

#18 Jump the Barrel

Jump the barrel is a great two-person game. It’s self-explanatory, which makes it perfect for small kids. One kid is the barrel, and they roll around and try to knock the other person down. The second player jumps over the “barrel” and avoids it. Once the barrel knocks the other player down, they switch places.

#19 Stealthy Ninja

Stealthy Ninja might be a misleading name, but it’s still a fun game. This is an excellent game for a summer birthday. All the kids are blindfolded except for one — the ninja. The ninja tries to knock the other players down. However, to keep the little ones safe, there’s no kicking or punching allowed. The ninja has to knock someone down with their bouncing alone. Then, the player that got knocked down becomes the new ninja.

#20 Crazy Chicken

Crazy Chicken

Crazy chicken is not really suitable for younger kids. It’s best to play it under adult supervision. However, since it’s highly competitive, that makes it a perfect choice for adults looking for some crazy fun on those long summer nights.

One player is the chicken. They stand in the middle while other players bounce around them. The chicken has to try to tackle the other players. The first player to get tackled becomes the new chicken.

#21 Wild Boar

Much like the Crazy Chicken, the Wild Boar isn’t exactly kid-friendly. At least it’s not suitable for small kids. One of the players is blindfolded and needs to run around the trampoline. Meanwhile, everyone else needs to try and bounce away from them. The first one to get caught is the next Wild Boar.

This game can get quite aggressive, hence the name. Therefore, pay attention and don’t play it with small kids.

#22 Make a Move

Make a Move is similar to Follow the leader, except that the goal is diversity. The players all form a line in front of the trampoline. The first player makes a move or does a trick. Then, the next player does their trick that has to be different. This process keeps going until a player does a move that’s similar to the previous. After that, that player is out, and the game continues. The winner is, of course, the last player standing.

#23 Corn in the Cornfield

This is an excellent summer game for kids. It allows them to learn and play at the same time. What’s more, it’s also very safe for smaller kids.

Corn in the Cornfield is a combination of the Dead Man game and the Guess Who game. One child is the corn, or “it.” They stand outside of the trampoline. Other players pick names for themselves, write them down, and add an extra name. Then, the kids play the Dead Man game, and once someone is caught, the Corn has to try and guess which name belongs to them. If they do, that player replaces the Corn.

Fun Things to Do on the Trampoline at Night

#24 Sleepovers


Trampolines are an ideal place for a summer sleepover. Each child can bring a sleeping bag, and they can all bundle up on the trampoline mat. This isn’t exactly a game per se, but the kids adore it!

#25 Stargazing

Warm summer nights are much more pleasant when we spend them outside. Therefore, we can gaze at the stars from the comfort of our trampolines instead of the hard ground. We can even make a game out of it for the kids and get them to name constellations and stars.

Fun Things to Do on a Mini Trampoline

Mini trampolines might be smaller than regular ones, but they are still a blast. Here are a few games that we can play on mini trampolines.

#26 Count and Bounce

#26 Count and Bounce

Mini trampolines are great for smaller kids. Therefore, for those of us with toddlers, playing on a mini trampoline and teaching a child how to count is a real “killing two birds with one stone” moment. Every bounce can be a number in this game, and the child has to learn more numbers if they want to keep bouncing!

#27 The Rhythm Game

This isn’t a game as much as it’s bouncing to the beat of a song. It’s great for teaching small children to keep up with the beat and to follow the musical cues.

#28 Stop and Jump

This is a variation of the Stop Light game. Like other games, it’s suitable for small children, but they still need adult supervision and help.

Here’s how we play it. While the little one is on the mini trampoline, we pick a number. Then the kid has to make that many bounces before the adult says “Stop.” The child has to stop because if they don’t, they have to start all over.

#29 Catch the Ball

A simple game of catch can become a great exercise and a fun activity on a mini trampoline. We can train with our kids and get them to work on their hand-eye coordination by playing catch with them while they are bouncing on the trampoline.

Fun Gymnastics Things to Do on a Trampoline

All of the games we mentioned so far are a real blast for anyone. However, those who are a bit more experienced on trampolines might want more of a challenge. What’s more, others might want a chance to show off a bit.

#30 Flipping Games

Again, these gymnastics moves are only suitable for experienced bouncers. Flipping games are great for older kids who are already doing sports similar to gymnastics and know how to fall and land.

The flipping games look just like they sound. Players need to do as many flips and land on their feet. We can time the game and make it more competitive. All flips are acceptable, and double flips bring extra points.

#31 Star Jumps

This gymnastics game doesn’t have that much to it. The players try and form a perfect mid-air star jump while on the trampoline. However, since all players are advanced, the jump has to be really precise. We can score each jump, and the player with the most points wins!

Fun Things to Do at a Trampoline Park

A trampoline park is a great way to have some fun. It doesn’t matter if we go alone or with a whole group of people. What’s more, trampoline parks are becoming the hottest birthday party destination for both kids and adults. Here is some of our favorite stuff to do on the trampoline in a trampoline park.

#32 Bounce Battle

The best way to start the party in a trampoline park is with a bouncing battle. Two or more players face off in a battle of endurance. However, the bounces aren't standard. The players have to land on their butts and then use their whole bodies to go back up. It’s much harder than it sounds, and it’s a real blast!

#33 Dance Battle

If the bouncing battle is not dynamic enough, we recommend a dancing battle instead! Blast some music from the speakers, and see who has the best dance moves and can bounce to the beat the best!

#34 Crack the Egg

Crack the egg is a well-known game, and it’s suitable for everyone. One player is the Egg. They sit in the middle of the trampoline mat and wrap their arms around their legs. Other players try to “crack the egg” by bouncing around them to get them to release their hands and legs.

#35 Simon Says

Simon Says is ideal for small kids because it’s safe and it doesn’t have many rules. It’s a twist on the classic games like “Mom/Dad/Grandma says.” One person gives out silly commands, and the other players have to follow them. The trick is to start each command with “Simon says” because otherwise the command doesn’t count and the players who follow it are out of the game.

#36 Dodgeball

We already mentioned this one, but dodgeball is much more fun in a trampoline park. There’s more room than on a regular trampoline, and all players can bounce while playing.

Things to Do on a Trampoline When You Are Bored

Some days are just annoying and dull. We all need something to shake us up a bit from time to time. Therefore, why not try trampoline games to brighten the dreary days?

#37 Game of Tramp

We need at least one friend to play the Game of Tramp. This is a combination of the “Horse” game and the “Follow the Leader” game. Every player has to do a trick on the trampoline. Furthermore, the players following them have to repeat the trick. If someone fails, they get a letter. The first player to get to “tramp” is the looser. If the game seems fun, you can prolong it and spell the word “trampoline.”

#38 Slithering Snake

Slithering Snake is one of the games that need a prop. However, one long rope is all we need. One of the players stands outside of the trampoline and moves the rope around on the mat, making it slither like a snake. The rest of the players have to try to avoid it and each other.

#39 Telephone

The standard game of Telephone becomes much more fun on a trampoline. Players have to try to whisper the same sentence to each other while bouncing around.

Things to Do on a Trampoline to Lose Weight

Jumping on a trampoline is an excellent form of exercise. What’s more, it's also more fun than going to a stuffy gym every day. Here are some fun ways to lose weight on a trampoline.

#40 Yoga

It’s much easier to do yoga on the soft trampoline mat.

#41 Cardio Workouts

Jumping up and down gets your heart pumping. What’s more, cardio workouts are more fun on a trampoline. Try jumping jacks, squats, and running in place.

#42 Basic Exercise

Even running over a few basic activities will be more comfortable on a trampoline than on the ground. If nothing else — it will make you smile.

#43 Kickboxing

Those of us who love kickboxing know the thrill of high jumps and kicks. Well, just imagine what they look like on a trampoline.

#44 Cross-country and Downhill Skiing

You don’t need fancy machines to simulate skiing. You can do it just as effectively on a trampoline.

#45 Endurance Exercises

Endurance training is much more difficult and rewarding on a trampoline. Challenge yourself and see how many jumps you can make or how long you can last.

Crazy Things to Do on a Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is the perfect opportunity to try out some crazy moves and games. For example, you can try:

#46 Wrestling

Of course, we don’t recommend this for kids. However, professional or semi-professional wrestlers can try out their balance prowess by doing their thing on a trampoline. Read our Easy tips to convert a trampoline into a wresting ring guide for more info.

Coolest Things to Do on a Trampoline

When we think about cool things to do on the trampoline, two things come to mind:

#47 Flips

Backflips, double flips, front flips — they are cool, and everyone loves them! For those who enjoy a challenge, we recommend they try a side flip.

#48 Jumping from High Ground

As they say, this is something you really shouldn’t try at home, kids. Jumping from an elevated point onto a trampoline can lead to great video and unfortunate injuries. It’s definitely crazy!

Cheer Things to Do on a Trampoline

#49 Practice the Choreography

We recommend going over the entire cheer choreography on a trampoline. It’s super entertaining, and it’s another way to shake things up.

#50 Practice the Jumps and Falls

For beginners who are scared to be the top of the pyramid, trampolines are a great way to practice falling. You won’t get hurt, and you’ll bounce right back!

Please Share Your Favourite Fun Things

If you have any ideas of your own, please share them below so that we can all enjoy it. Have fun!

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