Easy Tips to Convert a Trampoline into a Wrestling Ring

Easy Tips to Convert a Trampoline into a Wrestling Ring

Jumping on a trampoline is already a pretty fun activity. However, why not take it to the next level? You can easily transform the trampoline in your backyard into a ‘professional’ WWE ring. There’s no need to buy pre-assembled replica rings as they are just too expensive. A DIY trampoline wrestling ring will do the job just fine, maybe even better!

Still, there are a lot of people who want to convert their trampolines into wrestling rings but don’t know how. That’s the very reason why we’ve decided to write this short guide. We’ll guide our readers through each step, so there’s no way to mess something up.

Although the procedure itself isn’t too difficult, the appropriate tools and equipment will be necessary. Before we move on to the particulars of the guide, we’ll mention exactly what’s needed down below.

The Necessary Tools and Equipment

The length and quantity of these materials might depend on the diameter and size of the trampoline. Therefore, it’s a good idea to measure the trampoline and then gather the materials accordingly. Here’s what’s needed:

  • Ropes (non-stretch), plastic fasteners and shoelaces for fastening.
  • Hooks with screws and wooden poles (or PVC pipes) for structure.
  • A staple gun
  • A large cloth piece
  • Several pads or pillows

Converting a Trampoline into a Wrestling Ring in 10 Steps

Converting a Trampoline into a Wrestling Ring in 10 Steps

It’s important to understand that we’re not building the ring construction on top of the trampoline. In fact, we’re technically building around it. We don’t have to touch the trampoline at all. We’ll explain that in a brief moment.

Also, people who have a square-shaped trampoline might experience some problems since the shape of the ring is square as well. So how do you make a trampoline wrestling ring? Let’s find out.

1. Setting Up the Trampoline

The first step is to set up the trampoline according to the instructions of the manufacturer. The instructions may vary depending on the trampoline model. It’s crucial to know that the trampoline has been set correctly before proceeding. Furthermore, the trampoline needs to be sturdy and set on an even surface. Most trampolines have a circular shape, and those ones work perfectly.

2. Preparing the Pole Corner Areas

The next thing to do is to pinpoint the location for the wooden poles. Try making a square shape around the circular trampoline (mark the four points on the ground). When that’s done, four 1-feet deep holes need to be dug. These holes will be the key structural points for the entire wrestling ring.

3. Placing the Poles

Now, stick the poles (or PVC pipes) into the ground and make sure that they’re at least 4 feet tall. That means that they should be at least 3–4 feet into the ground. Make sure that the poles are firm and that there’s no way that they’ll move under pressure.

4. Fastening the Pipes

This is an alternative to the previous step for people who are using PVC pipes instead of wooden poles. The procedure is roughly the same, and the same advice applies. The only difference is that people should use plastic fasteners to secure the pipes. Use at least 4–5 fasteners for each pipe.

5. Drilling the Holes for the Ropes

The distance between two turnbuckles needs to be measured before you start drilling the holes for the ropes. To do that, use a small knife (or a sharpie) to mark three points. Afterward, use the drill and make a hole into each of these points. Keep in mind that the holes need to be even in size and depth. Otherwise, it might cause problems later on.

6. Attaching the Hooks

Next, screw three hooks in the holes that are facing the trampoline. Bolts can also be used here instead of hooks. However, people need to make sure to secure them from both sides by placing a washer. Furthermore, they need to attach an ‘S’ ring to the bolts and secure it with a circular ring on each side.

7. Tying the Ropes

When tying the ropes, make sure that they’re tight and that they stretch across the entire ring. This process should be repeated until the whole ring is covered. Again, it’s crucial to check whether the ropes are secure or not.

8. Adding the Pads

Adding the pads (or pillows) is the next thing to do, and it’s fairly simple. People can attach these pads and pillows to the turnbuckle hooks on each side of the ring. Shoelaces are pretty handy here, so you should definitely use them.

9. Stapling the Cloth

Remember that large cloth piece that we mentioned? Well, you’ll need it here. Use the staple gun to staple the cloth on the wooden poles. This step is purely aesthetic, though. The cloth covers the bottom side of the trampoline and gives it that ‘WWE’ wrestling ring look.

10. Testing Out the Ring

Finally, this is easily one of the most important steps on this list. Make sure that everything is safe to use and that there are no loose parts. People should test their ‘ring’ for some time (at least 10 minutes) before deciding that everything’s good. Some parts tend to get loose over time, but if nothing falls apart after 10 minutes, then that’s it.

Wrap up

Wrap up

All in all, transforming a trampoline into a wrestling ring isn’t complicated. It’s true — it does require a bit of work, and people need to know what they’re doing. However, it’s definitely possible and worth the time and effort.

Our main goal was to give our readers a good tutorial on how to make a trampoline wrestling ring. Hopefully, we were able to do just that with our brief guide. Just follow the steps and make sure that you don’t miss anything and you’re good to go.

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