Rebounding Before and After Testimonials (Success Stories)

To give you a helping hand, here are some rebounding before and after stories. Their words should help encourage you in your struggle against weight gain, cellulite and other health issues. Also included in this compilation are some rebounding success stories that should warm your heart.

No matter what you should feel a lot better about using a rebounder to get back into shape or tone your muscles. Also, you should draw some motivation from their experiences to help you press on to complete your goals.

You have nothing to lose by reading about what has happened to them as they exercised down the same path that you do. In fact, you may just find the influence you need to get over the rebounder exercise hump and make your own rebounder success story.

Take a Little Time to Read These Rebounder Testimonials

- I used to hate exercising

For me exercising was nothing but pure drudgery. I hated every minute when I did my exercise routines. Finally, I broke down and bought a rebounder and my life changed. I had so much fun that it changed my mind about exercising. It changed it so much that I lost 23 pounds and 2 dress sizes. Changing my diet helped as well.

Gail Martens, Regina SK, Canada

- I needed help

I have been doing rebounding for just under a month. Because of my health issues I could not do a lot other exercises. My immune system was shot, and I got tired of being tired and sick. To help with my food allergies I needed an exercise that got my lymph system moving again without re-injurying my knee. I can’t run without creating more medical problems and I was getting desperate.

My solution was to buy a good, but inexpensive rebounder. I started with 2 15 minute sessions, morning and evening, of the simple bounce. After only a couple weeks I started to lose weight, my allergies were clearing up and my ears and throat stopped hurting.

Today, I am up to 38 minutes of exercise in the morning and another 15 minute session in the evening. So far I have lost 15 pounds, toned my body and am starting to look a lot better. My mom and husband saw my results and they got on the rebounder exercise bandwagon.

I am amazed at the results I have gotten so quickly and my knee feels good.

Stella Johnson, Baltimore, MD

- Lost a lot of weight

I wanted to get back into shape quickly. I was not happy with my body or its size so i decided to try the rebounder exercise routine. I went and bought a nice rebounder, which set up very quickly once it arrived.

My weight gain was do to the change every woman experiences later in life. For me I had put o 20 pounds and needed to do something. With the rebounder I was able to do my exercises without missing my favorite programs.

The results I am proud of the most are my 28 pound weight loss and strengthening my bladder muscles. For awhile I could not jump without having some embarrassing situations. But the rebounder and the exercises I did on it, got that back into shape and I can jump worry free.

The best part of it all is that I could get back into shape without losing my privacy.

Julie Harris, Akron, OH

- My wife convinced me to try rebounding

She wanted to get back into shape so she went out and bought one of the best rebounders on the market. I was not enthused about it as I have had bad experiences with spring rebounders many years ago,

She finally conquered my skepticism and got me to try it out. I am glad she did as I have had fewer migraines and I was able to improve my cardiovascular system. But that i sot all, our son has Tourette’s disease and he found that a good workout cuts down the tics he experiences and helps him to focus on his homework.

I feel better about my health and my son's medical condition

Donald Jackson, Athens, GA

- I needed more body movement

That was my main motivation to try a rebounder exercise program. I wanted to get my lymph system up to high gear and clean out my body. My 5-day schedule works well for me. I tried running but it wasn’t long before Ideveloped ankle and knee issues.

So I started doing 15 minutes a day for 5 days on a rebounder. This little exercise time helps me feel better and gets me warmed up for my yoga and weightlifting time. I feel great and I think I have got my lymph system back to full power

Jack Green, Edmonds, WA

- After Pregnancy rewards

You women understand. I got that little roll of skin that takes place after giving birth and a long pregnancy. My stomach did not look good at all. I got tired of looking at it and one day decided to dedicate myself to a good rebounder exercise routine.

The results I got made me very happy. I got rid of the folded skin, helped my depression, stopped menstrual cramps ad a lot more. I couldn’t be happier with my life now as I even got rid of some of my wrinkles. Thanks for the boost rebounder

Doris Graham, White Rock, BC, Canada

- I won’t tell my age

Even the nurse couldn’t believe how old I am. She was amazed at how thick my bones were. She said that my bones were equal to a 17 year old’s. I was flying high with that complement and I owe it all to my rebounder exercises.

The salesman said a rebounder will help with bone density and he was right. I feel great and feel younger now.

Sue Frolich, St. Paul, MN

- Getting help for my back

I was an avid jogger and aerobics instructor until my doctor told me that y back could not stand the compression anymore. I was at a loss as to what I could do to stay in shape. Walking bored me so it was not an option.

I do not remember how I came across those rebounding web pages but I am happy I did. Not only did it take the stress off my lower joints, rebounding has strengthened my back and neck muscles. I have had no issues with either since I started using a rebounder for my daily exercise time.

Gerry Gilligan, Honolulu, HI

- No gyms for me

When I exercise I want to be able to do it in the privacy of my own home. A good rebounder lets me workout alone with no judgmental eyes following my every move. Treadmills are not very exciting either.

What got me started on a rebounder besides the privacy was that I needed to lose weight. But I wanted to have a little fun while doing it. The rebounder I got helped me lose weight and let me design my own exercises so i stayed interested in working out while having some fun while I am at it.

The weight is coming off so I am pleased with my results and with my privacy.

Rita Nelson, Miami, FL

- Losing weight is my goal

I like thinking outside of the box and using a rebounder to help me lose weight fit right in with my style of thinking. Right now I am only doing 20 minutes a day for 3 days of the week. Hopefully, I will boost those times when I am ready.

My target weight loss is to lose the same amount of weight as i did the last time I used a rebounder for weight control. I am getting to that goal faster than I thought.

Harry Rockford, LA, CA

- Just taking it one day at a time

I am pushing 50 so I want to take it easy when I do my exercises. The rebounder have allows me to target muscle and body tone as well as pump up the lymph system. I just started using my rebounder and already I am seeing some positive results.

Even with 2 10 minute sessions a day, my muscles are getting toned and I feel my interior systems are improving. My knees, back and legs all feel stronger and in better shape. Plus, I still get to keep my pace slow and easy.

Majorie Healy, Portland, OR

- Controlling cholesterol, sugar levels and blood pressure

I had let myself go as I enjoy sweets and chocolates too much. But I had to do something as my cholesterol, sugar levels and blood pressure were all too high. That was two months ago. After changing my diet, which was hard, and doing constant workouts, all my readings returned to normal and I feel great

I got an added bonus as my skin cleared up as well. I credit my time on the rebounder for all these wonderful results.

Susan Partridge, San Diego, CA

- I am in love

When my rebounder arrived, I was so anxious that i set it up right away and began my first 5 minute workout. I am limited to 5 minutes right now as I suffer from chronic sciatica, a condition that affects my spine.

Was I ever surprised. I haven’t been at it for very long but have regained some of my balance and strengthened my knees without aggravating my sciatica. That makes feel good and I am glad i invested in this rebounder.

Anne Clinton, Little Rock, AK

- I was too stationary

My work doe snot let me move around a lot. So over the years I was able to retain water and attract a lot of pain to my neck, back, arms and shoulders. I doubt I spent a day without pain.

After finding a place for it in the basement, i have used it every day. My results are not over the top but I am very pleased with the improvement in my body. I have spent several days without pain now.

My children use the rebounder when I am not home. I like that as they stay active when they play their video games and watch television. As a parent I am happy about that as well.

Patricia Duke, Marion, IN

A lifetime of struggles

Back pain is no laughing matter. I have suffered for years with a bad back and the wrong movement or even a quick one would have me in pain or unable to move my back. I even got pain if inhaled to quickly or did not restrict my back movement when I walked.

At 43, this was a terrible state to be in. Although I had never been on a trampoline in my life, I decided to try a rebounder to see if it could help. It took awhile as my spine would hurt after a few minutes of gentle bouncing. Had t learn how to hold my arms just right in order to build up my workout time and exercises.

It took 6 weeks at 10 minutes a day to cure my spine issue and stop my back from catching when quick movements were made. Encouraged, I extended my target zones to the tension on my back. I was able to handle this because my other conditions were taken care of correctly.

I would bounce at night, even if I woke up from my sleep, and bounce till all the popping was gone. This relieved the tension from my back and helped me feel a lot better. I was able to sleep easier because of it.

Because of my regular work out and dedication, I am now able to sleep through the night. The pain is gone and so is the stiffness. When I wake up, I do a few minutes on my rebounder to make sure my back is ready for the day.

It took 9 months to get to this point and the next three have been great. I am so glad that I started this rebounder exercise program. I had to be patient but I got the results I wanted.

Terry Howell, New York, NY

Even a doctor’s wife

You would think that a mother of three and the wife of a doctor I would have all the exercise help in the world. But I didn’t. I even went to a personal trainer for three years and still did not get fit.

That is until I found a rebounder. After only two weeks of rebounding my skin got tighter, and my balance, coordination and flexibility improved. Not bad for a lady past her prime.

I was so excited by those results that I continued to do 15 minutes of bouncing every day. I saw my cellulite disappear, my spider veins go, and I got rid of my shoulder and back tension.

My husband complements me on my looks, my children are proud of me and I am overwhelmed by my positive results. It was so easy to do and I am walking on top of the world because of my rebounder.

Jennifer O’Rouke, Guam

These are just some of the rebounding weight loss success stories, as well as some of the rebounding exercise before and after accounts when people adopted a rebounder for their exercise time.

They stuck at it and found that they could get back into shape and help their medical issues with just a few minutes of exercise a day. Now lets hear from a few experts on rebounders. Hopefully, their words will help convince you that rebounders are great for you.

N.A.S.A., Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887, 1980

For a better heart rate and oxygen consumption jumping on a trampoline is better for you than running. This find helps us to design certain activities that will hinder any medical issues in people when exposed to gravity free environments.

Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1990: 10; 401-408

The ability of the mini trampoline to absorb impacts makes it a very convenient exercise tool that protects the skeleton and joints of the human body

James R. White, Ph.D., author of Jump for Joy

Everyone has been in search of the fountain of youth. Science may have perfected it in its own lab through the rebounder

Basheerah Ahmad, 360 Transformation

It is an amazing way to bur calories and have a complete workout. Plus, it is a lot of fun

- Dr. Porcari, American Council on Exercise

Even though the workout was very intense, having it take place on a mini trampoline removed a lot of the intensity. This is because the trampoline stopped the body from being jarred too severely. Plus, the fun factor made the workout more enjoyable

Jillian Michalls, Fitness Trainer

Jumping on a trampoline is fun while it provides you with a thorough workout. It can be more effective than running.

Some Final Words

As you can see, people like you can do it. And if they can do it, so can you. There is nothing to complicated about doing simple exercises on a good rebounder. That means you have no excuse for avoiding any exercise time on a rebounder.

A little simplicity will get you on the right track to a better life style, You do not have to learn complicated athletic moves. You do not have to be Olympic level athletes. To get good results all you have to be is you and try.

You won’t get that body of yours back i shape, toned or free from health issues if you do not try. The biggest step is getting started and it is so easy to start exercising on a rebounder.

All you need is a little patients and a lot of dedication. Your results may come in slower than some of the testimonials listed above but you will still get positive results. Any form of exercise will give you positive results and trampolines make it more fun.

The key again is to try and not give up. If you give up you lose so keep at it until you reach your personal goals.

Please share your story with us in the comment section below.

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