Can You Jump Rope on a Trampoline? Tips + How to Skip

You can combine your two favorite activities. That is the good part about skipping and jumping on a trampoline. You can combine the two and enhance your workout. You probably will burn a lot more calories this way as well.

You probably already know how to do both activities thus combining them only takes a little practice and a lot of balance to make it all worthwhile. To get your answers on how to combine these two skills just continue to read our article. It is filled with information you can use.

Tip #1: to make sure you get the most out of this combined activity, make sure the trampoline can handle your current size and not the size you hope to reduce to

The Benefits of Jumping Rope on a Trampoline

Just about every exercise has some great health benefits.In this activity you are combining the benefits of skipping and the benefits that come fro using a trampoline. That makes you a winner before you even finish skipping.


Joint protection- using a trampoline cushions the impacts that normally come from skipping n a hard surface.

Burn more calories- by adding skipping to your trampoline exercises you are using more movement. More movement means you burn more calories

Improves your coordination- you have to have a lot of it to do both exercises. Combining them means you work on your coordination and make it better

Convenient- you do not have to go outside if the weather is bad. You can exercise inside your home and be safe and sound

Improves your health- not just your bone density but it helps your cardiovascular system improve among other health benefits

Its fun- you are taking two fun activities and making them even better. Your workout will be over before you know it and you will look forward to doing it everyday

Tip #2: Remember, it takes time and patience to master this activity. It also takes a little time to enjoy the benefits, except for the last one.

How To Jump Rope on a Trampoline

Did you know that jumping rope on a trampoline gets you more exercise in 6 minutes than if you ran for 1 mile? That makes this combined activity worthwhile. But if you do not know how to jump rope on a trampoline here are some steps to follow that will show yo the way:

  1. Get a good trampoline- saving a few bucks here will not do. You need the best one available

  2. Have good training shoes- you do not want to land, twist your ankle or slip because the tread was bad

  3. Buy a good jump rope- not only should it last you a long time but it should be the correct length as well

  4. Stay in the middle- the safest place on the trampoline is in its center

  5. Just like normal skipping- place the rope behind you and then jump. Use your arms to move the rope like you do i normal skipping

  6. Keep swinging- just keep moving the rope so you do not step on it and keep jumping.

  7. Just keep repeating- that is until you have gotten tired, burned enough calories or want to take a short break

Tip #3: it takes just a little extra effort and concentration to combine skipping with trampoline exercises. Don’t let yourself become distracted

Jump Rope vs Trampoline Rebounder Comparison

Competition doesn’t end when the athletic even is over. There will always be a competition trying to decide which is better. The same holds true with jumping rope and a trampoline rebounder.


#1. calories- both burn more than enough calories to help tone your body and get it back in shape. The amount of calories you burn with either activity depends on what exercise an dhow complicated it is

#2. Lift- the rebounder will give you more height than your normal skipping on a hard surface provides. This makes it easier to skip on a rebounder

#3. Joints- skipping is definitely harder on your joints than a rebounder. A rebounder provides you with a shock absorbing cushion while skipping has your joints hitting immovable surfaces

#4. Cost- skipping ropes are cheap. You won’t break the bank buying 1 or even 5 skipping ropes. You may have to save up a little money to get a top quality rebounder.

#5.Exercises- you can do more exercises on a rebounder than you can with a skipping rope. This allows you to target important muscle groups you want to strengthen

#6. Health- both activities help tone, shape and strengthen your body as well as help your cardiovascular system.

Tip #4: It really doesn’t matter which one is better than the other. Both give you a quality workout opportunity and helps you get into better shape. Combining the two makes your exercise time twice as good and twice as much fun.

How To Size Your Skipping Rope

One of the keys to doing skipping on a hard surface or on a trampoline is to get the right size for you. Fortunately, skipping ropes do not come in a one size fits all length. You can get them in different lengths to meet your size.

When you combine jumping rope and trampoline exercise you do not want to fall. That means you need to learn how to size the jump rope correctly.

To find the right size for a beginning jump rope enthusiast, all you have to do is place one foot on the middle of the rope and lift up. If the rope reaches your shoulders, then that is the correct length.

For a skilled jump rope artist, its the same procedure except that the rope only has to reach your armpits.


Improve your jumping with a new Jump Rope

Tip #5: Play it safe and make sure you follow any and all safety rules for both activities. Make sure there is adult supervision if your children want to try both activities at the same time

Some Final Comments

Both jumping rope and using a trampoline are fun. They provide you with a good workout and strengthens your muscles and cardiovascular system. What makes them eve better is when you combine them into one activity.

It should not take you a long time to master the combination. Just be patient and make sure you have a little padding around the trampoline to protect you from any falls.

Before you know it you will be having so much fun you won’t notice how good you are beginning to look.

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