How Far do Disc Golf Pros Throw? 14 Tips to Throw Farther

How Far do Disc Golf Pros Throw? 14 Tips to Throw Farther

It is all in the length. Like real golf, the longer you can throw the frisbee the better your chances of having the low score. It takes skill and practice to get the disc where you want it so you can end up with a score you can be proud of.

The key of course is not to let any frustration or discouragement ruin your game. Be patient,practice and you can get as good as the pros.

Tip #1: do not tense your muscles just before you throw. You want a smooth fast throw to get the distance you need.

How far do disc golf pros throw? The world record stands at almost 1000 feet but not too many pros reach that distance. On average a pro can throw a disc golf frisbee between 450 to 525 feet. Of course, it will depend a lot on the size and skill of the professional disc golfer.

To learn more interesting facts and tips about disc golf and how to throw the frisbee the best way possible, just continue to read. Our article is filled with facts and tips to help your game.

Tip #2: Taking a big final step in your form can add approx. 4 to 5 mph to your velocity and give you roughly an additional 30 feet of length.

Tip #3: getting the right grip is vital. You want a firm tight grip but not so tight your knuckles turn white. Don’t strangle the frisbee and keep your wrist from moving at the wrong moment

What is The Farthest Disc Golf Throw

What is The Farthest Disc Golf Throw

At the time of this writing the longest recorded and official throw is an astounding 1,108.92 feet by David Wiggins Jr. He beat the former record by only 78 feet. The former record holder was Simon Lizotte whose record throw was measured at 1,030 feet.

The longest women’s throw, by Jennifer Allen, came in at 568.5 or 569 feet depending on whom you believe. Then the longest forehand toss registered a not so long 624 feet.

Not to be out done the longest overhand throw registered 483 feet. Then the fastest a frisbee was sent through the air hit the radar at 89.5 MPH. Don’t lose heart. Records are made to be broken and you could do it if you take the time to develop your game.

Tip #4: Getting the distance is not the key to playing good disc golf. To become good you need to focus on your accuracy first. After you mastered that, you can work on getting the distance.

Tip #5: Watch your footing. Make sure you have solid ground underneath you and watch out for slips. One false step can result in a very bad throw.

How Far is a Good Disc Golf Throw

A good disc throw is any time you are accurate and you hit the spot you are aiming for. Beginners should be satisfied with tossing the frisbee between 250 to 300 feet. As your skill gets better, you should be considering a 400 to 500 foot toss very good.

Your distance may depend on how high the tee box is placed and how much wind is behind the frisbee. The results you get will depend on your form, your grip, your release and how strong you are.

Don’t compare yourself to the pros as they spend hours a day practicing and getting their form down just right. Again, you will need a lot of practice to find your comfort zone and best form you should use when you play.

A good idea to get a better distance in your throws is do a little weight training. Building up the right muscles will help you get better distance from the tee.

Tip #6: You need to think ahead. Make plans for your second and third shot prior to throwing your first. This will help you be more accurate and hit the course where you need to be for a better follow up toss.

Tip #7: Watch the type of disc you use at first. If you are starting out you want to use a lighter, slower less stable disc. That is because you want to focus on your technique first, before going for distance

How Far is a Disc Golf Hole

How Far is a Disc Golf Hole

If you are not playing championship disc golf, then you are in luck. A good 9 hole beginner’s disc golf course can fit on 2 or 3 acres of land. This allows for the pins to be placed roughly 150 to 200 feet away from the tee.

For championship play a standard 18 hole disc golf course can fit on an average 9 hole real golf course. In other words, you can get 2 championship disc golf courses on a average regular 18 hole real golf course.

The length from tee to the pin is on average about 700 feet. The length of a disc golf course can vary and depends a lot on your level of play. Beginners should not try the longer courses before they get a good grip on the game.

Tip #8: Don’t look in the direction you are throwing. The pros all look away when they make their toss. That is because looking to where your are throwing restricts your arm and body range of motion. Your toss will not go as far and probably not be as accurate if you look in the direction you want the frisbee to go

Tip #9: Your elbow is very important. In fact, you want to lead with your elbow. This technique gives you better arm speed. It also reduces wasted motions that can influence your toss.

How Far Can a Disc Golf Driver Go

One of the most important fact about disc drivers is that you cannot buy distance. There is no magic disc out there that will get you further just by tossing it.

You need accuracy, form, arm speed and other vital factors to make sure you get those long distances you want. With that said, you can get a good 400 feet with a top of the line disc driver.

But don’t expect that distance if the rest of your game is not up to par. Some pros get over 500 feet but they have spent years honing their game and keeping their bodies in top shape.

The design, weight and stability of the disc does play a role in how far your throw goes. You want a disc driver to be very aerodynamic. Then you will need to watch the design of the driver. Some are made to go straight while others have designs that alter their flight left or right.

Finally, the construction materials are an important part of your distance goal. Different plastic materials do not fly the same. An inferior quality construction material could shave yardage off each toss. So check what the driver is made of before you buy.

Tip #10: you need to watch the amount of friction in your grip. The less friction the better. The best way to reduce friction is in how you hold the disc. You only want your finger tips clutching the underside of the frisbee and nothing more.

Tip #11: Any good athlete does their homework before they start playing the game. To find the best shots, you need to walk the course and study it, Knowing where the bad lies are, the obstacles, etc. Will help you plan better shots and get more accuracy. Start from the basket and walk backwards to the tee to get the best view of each hole

How Far is a Putt in Disc Golf

While real golf greens vary in size, the disc golf ‘green’ is set at a very standard size. Any throw that is 10 meters or less, is considered to be a putt in disc golf. When you are putting there is a rule you should be aware of.

The player must show full control of their balance after releasing the disc. If they do not they will have committed a foul. The player also has to stay behind the marker when the finish their putt.

There are several different ways to putt and which style you use will depend on your distance from the basket. Some of these styles are:

  • The push putt- this is where you do not put a lot of spin on the disc
  • The straddle putt- you are using your hips more and facing square to the basket
  • The spin putt- this is where you do put spin on your disc putter
  • The turbo putt- You get more power and you use an over hand technique

The one thing about disc golf that sets it apart from real golf is that you can change your disc. Your driver disc is not the same as your putting disc. In real golf you have to play with the same ball throughout the course unless you lose it in a hazard

Tip #12: Take careful note of the ground conditions of the course you are about to play. Ask yourself will the driver disc skip when it touches down or will it stay where it lands? Then ask if the ground is hard or soft. Knowing the ground conditions allows you to make adjustments to your game

Tip #13: When you buy your disc golf disc, make sure to buy several of the same weight, size and construction. This allows you to have consistency when you practice and helps you correct mistakes when you throw

Can't Throw Disc Golf Far?

When you find that you can’t get the disc that far from the tee, don’t give up the game. Learn a few tips to help you get better. One of those tips is to get back to the fundamentals.

Disc golf is like any sport, it is the fundamentals of the game that help you get better. Here are some of the fundamentals to help you get better:

  • Watch the shifting of your weight from the back to the front foot. Learn to shift your weight properly
  • Change your grip to a power style. Don’t just open your hand when you want to let go but let the disc rip it self out of your grasp
  • Lower the nose of the disc. If the nose is up too much air gets underneath and ruins your throw
  • Throw at about 80% of your capability. Throwing too hard can influence the distance and cut it down immensely

Tip #14: Get some lessons. Disc golf is like any other sport and you need more experienced players helping you improve your game. Good lessons will get you on the right path to disc golf success

How to Throw Disc Golf Farther

One of the ways to throw a disc golf disc further is to practice your technique. The more awkward and uncomfortable it is the less distance you will achieve. You want a technique that fits i with your stature and athletic abilities.

Watch the pros. They do not all use the same technique. Find one that fits you and helps you get the arm motion that will send the disc all the way down the hole. Another good way to get better distance in your throws is stop trying so hard.

The distance will come as you practice. One way to do this is to pick shorter targets and aim for them. As your accuracy grows so will your distance. Trying to throw too hard will throw your technique off and ruin your arm movement.

Some Final Comments

One last tip before we finish this article. To throw far you will need patience. Disc golf is like any other sport you have played. It takes time to get to the level of play you want to be at. That means learning from your mistakes, correcting your form, grip arm motion and a lot more.

You are not good till you get good. To reach that status, you need to take the time required and put the practice in. Even gifted athletes practice, and they continue to practice after they turn pro.

To throw well and far, just adopt the tips listed in this article and you are on your way to being a better disc golf player.

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