How to Choose Disc Golf Weight 5 Expert Tips

How to Choose Disc Golf Weight: 5 Expert Tips

Using the right equipment in any sport is one way to be competitive and reach the top of your sport. The same goes for disc golf. You need the right disc golf discs to navigate a disc golf course successfully.

How to Choose Disc Golf Weight: One of the key ways in choosing the right disc golf disc for you is to know your level of play. Different discs are designed for beginners, intermediates and for advanced players. You need to find the right disc to match your level of experience.

To do that all you have to do is continue to read our article. It will provide you with the information you need to know to help you find the right disc golf frisbee for you.

Tip #1: You want a range of colors when you buy your disc golf disc golf frisbees. This allows you to play on a variety of surfaces and keeps your disc from getting lost

Tip #2: most disc golf disc are made out of plastic or plastic blends. The quality of the construction material will influence the flight of the disc. Go with the better construction materials to have better flight time and distance

How to Pick Disc Golf Weight

How to Pick Disc Golf Weight

The first thing you need to know about disc golf frisbee weight is where are you going to use the disc. If it is for fun, then there is no real weight limit

But if it is for a Professional Disc Golf Association sanctioned event, then you are limited to their weight regulation. The PDGA approves disc golf disc weight up to 6.2 ounces.

The second piece of information you should know is that lightweight discs are not as stable as you may want them to be. They have a habit of turning over and possibly shortening your distance.

A heavier disc is a lot more stable and does not turn over like the lighter models. This allows you to have better control over your flight. You may also get better distance from a heavier disc.

Now if you are a beginner, have slow arm speed or a youth, you may prefer to use a lighter disc. The lack of weight may be what you need to make sure you get the distance you are looking for.

A heavier disc may be harder to throw and a beginner, etc., may not have developed the control and power needed to handle those weighted models. In the end the disc you use may be the one you are most comfortable with and that can be either a lightweight one or a heavier model.

The next thing to know about how to choose the right weight is that different models have different weight classes. You will need to take some time going through the different models to find the one with the right weight for you.

Tip #3: it isn’t just the weight of the disc that will help you get the best shots. You need to perfect your stance and learn how to use the disc weight to your advantage. A putt stance is not the same as a driving stance and both need to be perfected if you want to use the disc weight to its fullest potential

What's the Best Disc Golf Weight

What's the Best Disc Golf Weight

The bad news is that there is no one perfect weight when it comes to disc golf discs. You can try to copy the pros but the disc weight they use may not fit your stature, arm speed and talent.

Or you can try what your friends use but again you may find that the discs they use will not work for you. The best disc weight for you is one that fits your preferences and taste.

You need to have one that fits comfortably in your hand, it should feel good when you are holding it and you should know how it will fly and land. It may be a bit of a process as you will have to try quite a few discs out before deciding on the perfect one for you.

The best disc weight for children 7 and under to use would be between 4 to 5 ounces Boys aged 8 to 12 and Girls aged 8 to 18 should use discs weighing between 5 to 5 1/2 ounces but they can also use heavier discs that fit in the 5 to 6 ounce weight class.

Then boys between the ages of 13 and 16 and women 18 and older can use heavier discs. the 5 to 5 1/2 ounces and the 5 1/2 to 6 ounce weight classes are perfect for them. Finally men over 16 should use those discs weighing roughly 6 ounces

Tip #4: There is no quick way to finding the perfect disc or disc weight for you. You will have to spend the time trying out different weights and sizes of disc to find the one that will improve your disc golf game

Disc Size

Most disc golf discs are made in the same general dimensions. That is similar to how golf balls are made. You have slight differences between different manufacturers. Here are the general dimensions of a good golf disc:

  • Diameter- this ranges between 8 to 8 1/2 inches in size
  • Height- this varies between clubs, A driver measures just under 1 inch high; a fairway club measures almost an inch high.; a mid range club comes in at 1 inch in height; and a putter is just over an inch high
  • Rim height- this depends on the thickness of the plastic construction material and varies from club to club
  • Rim width- the PDGA regulates this and restricts the rim width to 1 inch. Wider rims may be harder to throw and it is recommended you try a thinner rim width until you master the game

Tip #5: An advance disc golf club is not made for beginners. Go with the clubs that match your skill level

Some Final Words

Getting the right disc golf frisbee is as important as getting the right golf clubs for real golf. Each one influences your game, and where the disc lands. To make sure you are getting the best disc for you, make sure you know your playing level

Then check the construction material to make sure it is made from durable plastic that will hold up to many rounds of disc golf. Just make sure to buy more than one disc when you find that perfect one.

You will need one or more for practice and one for game time.

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