Can You Play Disc Golf Alone?

Can You Play Disc Golf Alone? Top 8 Reasons + Tips

Being a loner isn't all bad. If you want some quality alone time there are lots of activities you can do. You can jog, weight lift in your home, use a trampoline. You do not always have to be a social butterfly to enjoy different activities.

Can you play disc golf alone? Disc golf is just like regular golf. It can be enjoyed by multiple players in one group or you can play it by yourself. Sometimes you just need to be by yourself and other activities just won’t give you the space you need.

To get more tips and reasons to play disc golf on your own, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to enjoy disc golf when everyone else is busy doing other things.

Tip #1: if your friends are busy, play a round of disc golf on your own. You may be able to meet new people through joining their smaller groups.This will broaden your social circle and help you meet new friends or romantic partner.

Playing Disc Golf Alone

Playing Disc Golf Alone

One good reason why you should and can play disc golf alone is to get quality practice time in. You may not be ready for a match and playing with partners may become so competitive you forget to practice and make dumb mistakes.

Playing alone helps you hone your game without distractions or side bets.

Tip #2: playing alone should not be confused with being lonely. Playing disc golf on your own does not mean you are lonely and desperate for company. It just means you want some quality time for yourself or to improve your game

The Benefits of Playing Disc Golf

The health benefits you get from playing disc golf on your own is another valid reason to play the sport without company. Here are some of those health benefits:

  • You still get exercise- not having anyone to play should not be seen as permission to skip getting some exercise.
  • You keep your heart in shape- your family wants you to live a long time, so take the time to give your heart a healthy workout
  • You will still lose weight- playing by yourself still contributes to good weight loss
  • You sleep better- a good round of disc golf will contribute to your sleep habits. This in turns makes you more alert at the office
  • Your body gets fresh air- this is something your body always needs especially if you are stuck in air conditioning all day.
  • Relieves stress- you do not need playing partners adding to your stress levels with their competitive nature.Playing a round by yourself can help lower your stress and make you a better person to be around
  • Helps your social life- you can always meet new people when you go out to the disc golf course by yourself.Making new friends can open up new social and business opportunities
  • Helps your game- you can develop your own strategies and surprise your friends with it when you beat them the next time you play together
  • You can work on your playing character- playing alone can help you work out patience and other social issues your friends may have noticed in your behavior. A little private playing is sometimes best to work out the negatives of your personality
  • You can play at your own pace- if you are not on a time schedule, you can take your time, slow down and really concentrate on developing your game

Tip #3: Playing alone helps your body get the Vitamin D it needs. Soaking up the healthy sun’s rays is one way to take care of your body properly

Another Reason to Play Disc Golf Alone

You may be on a tight business schedule and do not have the time to add more players to the game. The more players the longer it takes to play a round of disc golf. When you play by yourself you can go at your own pace and according to your schedule.

You get exercise, practice and can develop strategies without missing your next appointment.

Tip #4: Playing alone helps you develop your self confidence. You can take time to make sure you got the shot right before you expose yourself to the jests and criticisms of your playing partners.Knowing you can do a good shot helps you play better with others.

You are Under no Pressure

This is a very legitimate reason to play disc golf on your own. You have no pressure to play under and you can concentrate a lot more on making your shots, getting the right form and so on.

You can also play a variety of disc without hearing complaints from your playing partners. Not hearing their complaints makes the game a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Do You Play Disc Golf Alone

Another Reason to Play Disc Golf Alone

If you do, we would like to hear from you. Use our comment section to tell us if you do play alone or not. Then give us the reason or reasons why you do. It is a painless process and we would like to hear from you about your experiences.

It will only take a few minutes to write us and describe your reasons for playing alone and what has happened in your life because of it. Maybe you have had a success that our readers could benefit from hearing about.

When you write your comments please be polite and keep the colorful adjectives to a minimum.

Some Final Comments

There is nothing wrong with playing disc golf by yourself. It is a fun game and it is designed to be played by 1 to 4 players. You won’t look weird and people won’t think you are strange (Unless you do something to make them think that way).

If you can’t find a playing partner, then go out to the course and have a good time. You will get all the benefits and exercise you would normally get if you were playing with a friend.

Playing disc golf is alone is normal and a good way to make sure your game is at its best levels.

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