Can I Put a Trampoline in my Basement? (5 Helpful Tips)

Your child may be sun sensitive so putting the trampoline in your basement may be a better alternative than moving it close to a tree or an eave. Tree branches and eaves can provide enough shade but they can also be dangerous obstacles.

So, can I put a trampoline in my basement? Yes, you can. Just about anything is possible. Unless you have really high ceilings in your basement, it is recommended that you do this when your children are small, and do not generate a lot of height when they bounce.

There are other issues that come with relocating your trampoline to your basement. Just continue to read to get all the facts before you make your decision to do the same thing.

Tip #1: even in the basement, you should leave the safety netting up. Concrete floors are hard to land on and can hurt.

Trampoline in a Basement Problems


Of course, we are not talking about mini trampolines here. These can go just about anywhere in your house and you do not have to renovate a room to make them fit. With that said, there are some difficulties that come with setting up a larger sized trampoline in your basement.

Anchoring - if you have a concrete floor, you may have a little difficulty in anchoring the trampoline. Concrete can be slick and the bounce may keep moving the trampoline a little each time

Ceiling height - some trampolines can fit in a basement with an 8 foot or a 9 foot ceiling height. Unless the trampoline is really small, any lower may not work out well for you

Light fixtures - these may be inconveniently placed making it difficult for you to find a good safe spot for your trampoline. You may have to move the light fixture

Child’s size - a trampoline in the basement is a good idea when the children are small but as they grow, you will need to relocate the trampoline once again

Level - the concrete or other type of basemen floor may not be level. This would cause you a few problems in trying to get it level and safe to play on

Tip #2: talk to a renovation or construction expert to see how you can solve these issues. They have the experience to help you find the right solution.

Indoor Trampoline for Basement


If you are not inclined to put a large trampoline inside your basement, there are a lot of good min trampoline options for kids that do not come with the issues described above.

They are compact, do not take up a lot of space and they even have their own safety equipment to keep your young child safe as they play. These indoor trampolines come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some are triangle shaped, another is shaped like a square but the majority of them are round and most have handlebars for your child to hang onto. Others have their own safety nets to make sure if your child falls, they do not hit the hard floor.

One even folds up for easy storage or relocating to their grand parents house. Each child’s indoor trampoline is specially designed to make sure your child is safe and gets the most fun out of using their special trampoline

Tip #3: Even with mini trampolines, you need to watch the weight capacity. You do not want to break one by putting too much weight on the mat one time

Best Trampoline for Basement

The best trampoline you can buy for your basement is the one that possesses all the characteristics described in the following list:

  • They are built well, with top quality construction materials and very durable.
  • They come with safety accessories that rival their larger sized counterparts.
  • ​They are not overpriced but affordable.
  • ​The springs and jump mat provide a good bounce that does not let your children get too high. They are also strong, do not tear or rust easily.
  • ​The trampoline come sin a size and shape that fits the room you have in your basement.
  • It comes with a good warranty so you and your family are well protected from manufacturing defects.

Looking for a trampoline? Don't buy something you'll hate

Here is a list of our buying guides to help you find the best for your needs:

Tip#4: Even with mini trampolines it is always safety first. You can still hurt yourself if you misuse one of these smaller trampolines. Learn the safety rules that come with using a small trampoline and make sure you follow them

Answering Your Related Questions

Is it a good idea to move a trampoline into our basement?

If you want to give your kids something to do on a rainy day that is fine, then the idea is worth considering.But keep in mind the difficulties that come if you are not using a mini or kid’s trampoline

Is having a trampoline in the basement safe?

It is as safe as having one outside. The only difference is the user has to watch out when they jump. They may not like bumping their heads

What is the bottom line when placing a trampoline in my basement?

The bottom line is you want a top quality trampoline for your kids to play on, This is not an item you want to cut corners on just to save a few bucks

Tip#5: it doesn’t hurt to lay down some padded mats around the trampoline just in case

Some Final Comments

While it may not be the traditional way to use a trampoline, it isn’t a bad idea to put one in your basement. Your children still get exercise, they still can have fun and they are protected from the weather.

You may be daring and place a larger sized trampoline in your basement but that action does come with a lot of difficulties to solve before the fun starts. A good mini trampoline for kids is always a perfect fit, if you have the room.

They are safe to use, have their own safety features and gives your child some play time options they can use when they get older. Moving a trampoline to your basement is an idea worth considering.

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