Super Fun Trampoline Games Online (for FREE!)

Yes, we know — trampolines are expensive. Your mom and dad probably told you that a hundred times. “No, we can’t buy you a trampoline, we don’t have the money!” And we know it sucks — you can’t do flips, backflips, very high jumps, you can’t toss yourself onto the soft, bouncy surface and get back up like a champ… Of course, you can go to an amusement park and jump on a trampoline there, but again — you need money. But there is one place where you can have all the jumpy fun you want. You can play trampoline games online, for free!

Yes, just like skateboard games or volleyball simulators, you can find free, easy to play trampoline games on the internet.

Where Can I Get Trampoline Games for Free?

There are two ways for you to jump on a trampoline online — on your browser or on your smart device.

Browser Trampoline Games

There are some cool trampoline games on the internet, usually on game websites that use Flash. Some of these websites include Miniclip, CrazyGame, FunnyGames, and plenty more. However, if you’re using AdBlock or AdBlock Plus, you might want to disable it. A lot of these websites use ads, and your game won’t work if you have AdBlock turned on. Once you visit a website, you can load up a game and play it with either a keyboard or a mouse. On top of that, you can register your high score and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media websites.

Trampoline Games on App Stores (Android or iPhone)

Most of the games you find on browsers are also on Google’s or Apple’s app store. The cool thing is that they are free. You won’t have to pay a single cent to download them. Another cool thing is that they don’t take up a lot of space. Your tablet or smartphone can hold as many trampoline games as you want.

Which Trampoline Games Are the Best?

It’s a little difficult to decide which trampoline game is better than others. However, you can try several different games listed below and see which one you like best.

1. Trampoline Stickman

You can also find this game under “Stickman Trampoline” on browsers and in app stores. Your character is a tiny, happy stickman, and like you, he loves to jump! This game has three modes, including the classic, the arcade, and timed mode. You use the directional keys. When you press the left arrow, you do a backflip. The right arrow button gives you the front flip. 

You can do as many flips as you want, as there are no limits. Trampoline Stickman is, therefore, the perfect game for you. Head on over to CrazyGames and play it today.

Click here to play Trampoline Stickman

2. Trampoline, or Retro Trampoline

Another CrazyGames game, Trampoline looks a bit more classic, which is why they sometimes call it Retro Trampoline. You play by pressing the same keys as you would on Trampoline Stickman — the front flip is the right directional key, the backflip is the left. However, Trampoline has only one play mode, the timed one. 

One thing that Trampoline has and Stickman doesn’t is the tutorial mode. Here you can practice your jumps before you get into the actual game. It’s great exercise and lots of fun.

Play Here

3. Realistic Trampoline Simulator!

This little piece is on Scratch, a lesser known website for casual games. Despite the name, it’s a game where you’re an orange cat jumping onto a poorly animated trampoline.

Why should you even play it, you ask? Because it’s hilarious. The background music and the simple animation make the game very funny. You use all four directional keys to make the game glitch, and you’re guaranteed to laugh and enjoy yourself. It’s the perfect game to relax and unwind.

4. Walaber’s Trampoline

If you want a game that will break physics and make you laugh like Goat Simulator, then Walaber’s Trampoline is for you. You can download the game for free and play like a gymnast, jumping in many different areas through many different levels.

This game is cool because the background is a part of the game. If you jump off the trampoline, you can crash into the ground or any prop around. Even when you lose, you can enjoy the carnage!

This game is cool because the background is a part of the game. If you jump off the trampoline, you can crash into the ground or any prop around. Even when you lose, you can enjoy the carnage!

5. Flip Master


A Miniclip classic, Flip Master is a fun game that reminds players of a similar popular game, Backflip Madness. You can also get this game on any app store out there.

Flip Master is colorful and easy to access. However, it’s different from other trampoline games. Namely, you use your mouse to jump in this game. Clicking the left mouse button will make your character do a front flip. When you move your mouse left or right, he will move along with the swings. But you must be careful; move the mouse too hard and he will drop off the trampoline and hit the car or the floor. Once you fall, you have to restart jumping.

The cool thing about Flip Master is that it’s a bit more than just a jumping game. For example, you can collect coins and pop balloons when you jump up. Furthermore, you can lose points by touching the edge or falling on your face on the trampoline. The game might be more difficult for younger kids, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it.

Play Here

6. Love to Jump

You can find Love to Jump on FunnyGames, and you will see why it’s rated 10 out of 10. This game lets you pick one of four different characters. On top of that, you can choose the difficulty level — easy, normal, and hard. Later on, you get to evolve your character by doing complicated jumps with the direction keys. It is by far the most elaborate game on this list.

However, it does have one issue. This game might be harder than the others because of how well-made it is. In other words, it might not be as “casual” as other casual games described before it. Naturally, if you love a good challenge, Love to Jump is your game of choice.

Play Here

Trampoline Games — Conclusion

Some of you might be lucky to have a trampoline at home. However, that shouldn’t stop others from having some bouncing fun. Play some trampoline games online either on your PC or your smart device. They’re free, easy to learn, tons of fun, and even a little challenging. Don’t forget to share your results online with your friends. That way you can get more people to join the fun. It might not be the five of you jumping on a real trampoline, but it’s a heck of a good time all the same.

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