Easy Steps To Clean a Trampoline


Cleaning your trampoline is an important part of being a trampoline owner. You want your investment to last as long as possible, and even trampolines made out of the best material still need cleaning on a fairly regular basis. Since they are outside they get a lot of dirt on them. Also, your skin oils build up on them.

When not in use it is a really good idea to keep a weather cover on them because you don’t want the sun degrading the mat and drying it out. UV protection only last so long and only goes so far, so it is best to keep it covered when you can. In the winter you should take your trampoline down to keep it lasting as long as possible.

How to Clean Trampoline

Cleaning your trampoline isn’t hard and doesn’t require a lot of supplies. The main things you need are a broom, a bucket, some soup, a brush, a few towels, and of course water. I will start with cleaning the mat first because that is actually the part that can get damaged the most from dirt.

How to Clean a Trampoline Mat

Sweep it off: First, to clean the mat you should sweep it off. This gets all the big pieces such as leaves off and keeps you from grinding them into the surface of the jump mat.

Wet it down: The next thing to do is wet the trampoline down. Again, this removes any loose dirt and keeps the surface from getting damaged.

Use normal soap: After you have done that it is time to feel the bucket up with water and a little soap. You just want to use normal soap. You don’t want harsh chemicals as this could damage the UV resistance that is built into the mat.

Scrub all the parts: Once you got your soapy water you just take the soft brush and scrub all the parts of the mat.

Dry it off: After scrubbing you rinse all the soap off and dry the mat off with the towels. You don’t want water left on it.

Cleaning the Spring Cover

The spring cover is cleaned in the same way as the mat. Rinse it off and then scrub with soapy water. Then rinse again and dry. It doesn’t need to be cleaned as deeply as the mat because it gets fewer skin oils on it. Also, you don’t want a lot of water getting under it and on the springs because they may rust if they aren’t galvanized steel.

Cleaning the Frame

The frame is also fairly easy to clean, but a lot depends on what the frame is made of. If the frame is galvanized steel, then it is a lot easier to clean if it is just powder coated steel. Since galvanized steel won’t rust you can just rinse off the dirt and scrub it like normal. You don’t have to dry it, but it is recommended that you do. If it is powder coated steel then it must be dried after cleaning. Also, with powder coated steel you can’t have the pieces hitting each other or the coating will come off and it will rust then. Scrubbing should also be minimized and done carefully to prevent damage.


Cleaning a trampoline is not really that challenging, but it can be time-consuming. For the frame, we would recommend just cleaning it when you take the trampoline down for the winter or are winterizing it by removing the springs and mat. The mat we would clean off every few weeks. Especially if it has been used a lot or you don’t have a weather cover. This keeps the oils from building up. The spring cover can be cleaned when you are cleaning the mat, and just really needs to be rinsed off more than scrubbed. You can scrub it at the end of the jumping season. If you care for your trampoline regularly, then it will stay in good condition for many years.

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