Can You Put a Dog on a Trampoline? (Helpful Guide)

The answer to this question is - yes you can. It is possible to put your dog on a trampoline but you should be careful when you try it. Some dogs like how they feel when they get on one and refuse to come off. They are having a lot of fun.

Other dogs don't like it and are very scared. It is best to keep those dogs off your trampoline. You may harm them psychologically if you try to get them to like walking on your trampoline.

Can a Dog Go on a Trampoline?

Again, the answer is yes. The real question is- should you put your dog on a trampoline? Not all dogs are like this one in the video and they don't like how a trampoline feels.

Here are some reasons for and against putting a dog on a trampoline:


  • They get great exercise
  • Helps protect their joints
  • ​Its a good bonding time between dog and master
  • They have fun


  • Nails could damage the jump surface
  • Dogs can get hurt
  • They can get sick

In the end, it is up to you if you want to put your dog on your trampoline or not.

Do Dogs Like Trampolines?

If you like positive answers then you will be happy with the answer to this question. The short answer is yes some of them do. Not all dogs will but during our research we found a lot of evidence showing more dogs like being on a trampoline than those who don't.


Just because dogs like being on a trampoline does it mean that they will be immune from injury. Dogs don't have the knowledge to know how to jump right and it is possible for them to land wrong.

When that happens they may hurt their backs or their legs, or they may falloff, even with netting surrounding the trampoline. Just like humans can fall off. When these accidents happen you may face some stiff vet bills.

While your dog may like the trampoline just exercise some common sense and do not let them get too excited. Let them have some controlled fun so they stay protected.

Is There a Dog Proof Trampoline

4 for 4. This is the fourth positive answer in a row. Yes, there is a dog proof trampoline. The only issue is you have to do the dog proofing. One solution is to put up a safety net so your dog can’t jump on the trampoline on its own.

Another solution is to buy a trampoline skirt so your dog or puppy cannot go underneath the trampoline when it is in use. Or go underneath it and start chewing on different soft parts when it is not in use.

A third solution is to put up a small fence around the trampoline so your dog can’t get to it at all. Final another solution is to take the time to train your dog to stay away from the trampoline.

The last solution may take some time but it is the cheapest option of all four:

How to Teach a Dog To Jump on a Trampoline

It is possible to teach your dog how to jump on your trampoline. It may take a little time and a little patience but dogs are always trainable. Here are some steps to follow to help you train your dog.

  1. Let them get used to the trampoline when you first set it up. Dogs need to know the trampoline is not a foe

  2. Get your dog’s favorite toy and take it and your dog up on the trampoline with you.

  3. Don’t do any bouncing just yet. Let your dog get used to the trampoline’s surface and just play with it so it sees the trampoline is a friendly place

  4. Next, continue to play but add in a little bouncing. Keep the bounces small, you do not want to scare your dog or possibly hurt it.

  5. Let the dog bounce on its own

  6. Reinforce your training every day

What is a Trampoline Bed For a Dog

Your first thought may have been that it is a small trampoline made for dogs to sleep on. That isn’t it. While they may look like very tiny trampolines, there is no real bounce to these trampoline beds for dogs.


These beds are elevated beds that can be made from metal or wood. Then they have a soft fabric stretched over the frame giving your dog a little flexible comfort. At no time should they be bouncing or dip very low when your dog climbs on top of it.

The purpose of these elevated beds is not only to bring your dog some extra comfort, but to stop fleas from infesting the bed and breeding more fleas. The beds come in a variety of elevations and you need to choose the right height for your dog.

Plus, you can use mesh fabric to let the cooler air continue to flow through the bed, keeping your dog comfortable. Or you can still give them a blanket or a pillow. Oh and elevated beds may help protect your dog’s joints when they get up.

Do Dogs Like Trampoline Beds

Of course, you already know the answer to this question. It depends on your dog. Some may like a trampoline bed while others may not. While you are considering purchasing an elevated bed, here are some benefits that come with using one:

  • Keeps your dog at a good comfortable temperature. The cold air can keep on passing through the fabric
  • Provides even support. Your dog does not have to make adjustments to their bed to find the support they need.
  • These beds can be very portable and lightweight. You can move them from room to room with ease
  • They are very difficult to destroy. There is no foam padding for your dog to chew on and ruin the bed
  • They are very easy to keep clean and do not need machine washing or be sent to the dry cleaners

Our Trampoline Dog Bed Recommendations

If you haven’t heard of an elevated or trampoline bed for dogs before, that is okay. Traditional dog beds have been on the market for generations and elevated beds just do not get the exposure they need.

To help you find the right elevated bed for you and your pet, we will recommend 3 here. These three should help you decide what you need in an elevated bed. Keep in mind that elevated beds are and can be made in different sizes to fit your dog.

Best Dog Trampoline Bed

#1. Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed

This nice elevated bed comes in two sizes. If your dog is 40 pounds or under then you will want the medium size. If your dog weighs between 40 and 88 pounds then you need to go with the larger size. 

Plus, you get a little choice, The waterproof construction allows you to use this bed indoors or outside. Your outside dog does not have to miss out on the comfort this elevated dog bed brings. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Also, the mesh fabric lets the cool air continue onto the ground without making your dog extra cold. They can stay warmer and healthier on this trampoline bed for dogs. The medium sized mesh measures 25 by 25 inches and the large size measures 43 1/2 by 29 1/2 inches.

On both sizes the frames stick out past the mesh bed and both are 8 inches high. Another feature that comes with this elevated dog’s bed is that when the pavement, walkway or patio gets too hot, your dog can climb on top and stay cooler.

The mesh fabric is rip resistant so your dog’s nails should not harm it. Easy to assemble as the hardware and the tools are included with your purchase.


  • Helps cool your dog
  • Holds lots of weight
  • ​Comes in 2 sizes
  • ​Rip resistant
  • Good support


  • Not so easy to assemble
  • Some parts may be missing
  • ​Dogs may be longer than the bed
  • Some quality control issues

Best Dog Trampoline Bed With a Canopy or Sunshade

#2. SUPERJARE X Large Outdoor Dog Bed

Your dog may be an outside dog that just doesn’t care for its dog house. That attitude can put your dog at a health risk. There is a solution for both you and your dog. This outside elevated dog bed with canopy.

Measuring 48 by 36 inches in size, this bed holds a very nice canopy protecting your dog from the sun and heat. The overall height including the canopy is 43 inches approx. The steel frame holds up 120 pounds of dog. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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On a hot day your dog can get a break from the heat by laying on the strong oxford mesh fabric. The fabric should be strong enough to handle gentle scratching by your dog’s paws and nails.

Assembly this elevated dog bed is simple and easy. You do not need any tools to put it together. Just a few minutes of your time placing the legs where they need to go and you are done.

Taking it apart is just as easy. This means that you are able to take it to the beach, the park or even on your next camping trip. It is very lightweight and portable.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Holds over 100 pounds
  • Protects your dog from the sun
  • ​Withstands claws
  • Has its own carrying bag


  • A little difficult to assemble
  • Not all dogs may like it
  • ​Weak seams
  • May not protect dogs from the rain

The Runner Up

#3. Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

Your dog won;t be slipping and sliding away when it tries to get on or off this elevated bed. It comes with no slip feet that should not harm your floors or patio. The bed is 7 inches off the ground and measures 42 by 30 inches. These dimensions allow the bed to hold up to 150 pounds. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Once your dog gets on this elevated bed, they can stay healthier, cleaner and be more comfortable than if they continued to sleep on the floor. Plus, the mesh fabric not only allows your dog’s body to breathe in hot weather, it is waterproof, stabilizes UV rays and heat resistant.

Also, you do not need any tool.s to put this bed together. Every piece should slide in to its proper place without difficulty. This and its light weight allows you to take it apart and bring it with you on your next outdoor outing.

Its tough bed fabric is anti-bacteria, anti-insect and anti-scratch. Its durable construction should protect your dog while it is enduring the treatment your dog gives it.


  • Anti-bacterial and anti-pest
  • Durable and strong
  • ​Holds up to 150 pounds
  • ​Lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable


  • Not chew proof
  • Some dogs may stay away from it
  • ​May be too small for large dogs under 150 pounds
  • Some sagging in the center

What Other Trampoline Dog Bed Reviews Say

Most of the other reviews we have looked at came with very positive remarks. The owners of these beds were satisfied and said their dog loved the elevated bed. The were convenient to use and their dogs were happier.

The two main complaints that we found in those reviews were simple and understandable. First, many reviewers found the simple to assemble design a little more difficult than they were led to believe.

Second, a lot of elevated bed owners had difficulty getting their dogs near the bed. Their dogs just wouldn’t touch it. Dogs have their reasons why they do not like these beds but they are not spilling the beans.

It might take a little training to get your dog to enjoy their new home and get the full benefits these beds bring to their lives.

How to Make a Trampoline Dog Bed DIY


You may like working with your hands or giving your dog the personal touch instead of just buying a ready made elevated bed. If you want to do it yourself, there are 3 basic elevated bed materials you can choose from

Galvanized metal- but this would be heavy and not very portable

Wood- the same reasons above and it can invite more pests to your dog’s body

PVC plastic- lightweight, easy to assemble and the one we will describe here:

  1. Buy the PVC pipe - make sure it is long enough and you have extra length in case you make a mistake

  2. Make sure to buy the connectors - you will need 4 that go 3 ways- left, right & down

  3. Buy strong fabric - again make sure you have more than you need in case of a mistake. It is up to you if it will be waterproof etc and mesh is the best here

  4. Cut the PVC pipe to size and them fit them inside the corner pieces

  5. Wrap the fabric around the pipe and sew the fabric together. Do one side at a time and make sure you stretch it tight as you go

  6. Turn over and let your dog get on it

Some Final Comments

An elevated bed is a very good dog bed option. It is easier to clean under and easier to keep clean. Plus, it helps your dog be healthier, cooler and possibly more comfortable.

They are also easier to move from room to room and take with you on holidays or camping trips, etc. The trick is to get your dog to use it and that we cannot help you with. Other than saying try a few snacks on the bed to see if they will jump up and see how good their new bed feels.

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