Jump Around on the Biggest Trampoline in the World (For Sale – Park)

Trampolines are a classic staple of most childhoods. Recently big trampolines have been making a big comeback and many people are out to create the biggest trampolines in the world along with some unique experiences to accompany them.

Bigger might not always be better, but in the world of trampolines, it can certainly mean there’s more fun to be had. Getting massive jumping height, incorporating trampolines with parkour, and even building entire parks underground are just a few of the things trampoline designers have accomplished over the past several years.

So what are the best and biggest trampolines in the world? Read on to find out more!

What Is The Biggest Trampoline In The World?

The biggest trampoline in the world is the Flip Out trampoline park in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s a massive playground at just over 63,000 feet. On the other hand, the Goliath trampoline by Vikan Trampolines is currently the biggest trampoline that you can purchase for home use at a massive 16 x 24 feet.

These are both huge trampolines in their own right and are sure to please any trampoline lovers looking for a real adrenaline rush. Jumping on the world’s biggest trampolines is a unique experience that will give you some bragging rights and stories to tell.

Pictures of the biggest trampoline in the world

Check out these amazing pictures of the biggest trampolines in the world!


These pictures hardly do the world’s biggest trampolines justice. You really need to experience them in person in order to get the full effect of just how massive these trampolines are.

Biggest Trampoline In The World For Sale

For those looking to buy a massive trampoline of their own, the Goliath by Vikan Trampolines is the largest trampoline available for private use. The trampoline comes in an octogonal shape and is a whopping 24 x 16 feet big - that’s 257 square feet of jumping surface! So if you wanted to know what is the largest trampoline you can buy, here it is.

It takes 224 springs to secure the jumping mat of the Goliath to its frame, which has 6 large U-shaped legs supporting it.

Vikan claims that assembly of the Goliath is quite simple and should only take about an hour to complete, but you better have a big backyard if you plan to order one.

Since safety is always a concern, Vikan even manufactures a trampoline enclosure for this monster of a trampoline. It also includes pads to cover the springs which are available in either blue or green.

If you’re looking to purchase one of the Goliath trampolines, you can expect to spend about $5,000. That might sound like a hefty price tag. But for having the unique experience of housing a trampoline park in your own backyard with unlimited hours of fun - it just might be well worth the investment.

World’s Biggest Trampoline Park

The title of the world’s biggest trampoline park currently belongs to Flip Out in Glasgow, Scotland. The massive space is just over 63,000 square feet big and offers a lot more than just trampolines to jump on. The park is designed to be a truly unique experience in all ways.

While there are certainly a lot of trampolines to bounce on at Flip Out, they offer visitors a myriad of unique experiences to choose from. The world’s biggest trampoline place is also the home of the UK’s only Ninja-Warrior course, giving guests a unique opportunity to test out their ninja skills in a safe environment. The building also hosts a parkour park where guests can scale walls and leap from ledge to ledge.

For the little ones, Flip Out has a trampoline area designed specifically for kids 7 and under, so parents don’t have to worry about their children getting bumped around by bigger kids. They also offer classes for kids to teach them ninja-warrior style skills, exercise courses, and acrobatic classes.

Biggest Underground Trampoline Park

So how can you take an awesome concept like a massive trampoline park and make it even more unique? Put it underground, of course.

And that’s exactly what Bounce Below in Northern Wales has done.

Bounce Below is part of the Zip World theme park and is built 100 feet into the defunt Blaenau Ffestiniog slate mine. Visitors reach the park by going down an old mining shaft in an old mining train car. The owners were inspired by a French trampoline park and wanted to create something truly unique in their home country.

The park consists of three massive trampolines that stretch from the mine walls. These trampolines are interconnected with slides and ladders to create a massive playground atmosphere. The experience is further accentuated by the colorful LED lights that illuminate the park.

The park offers a truly unique experience, not only with the massive trampolines, but in the overall setting and atmosphere. In the warmer months, the park is also home to zip lines that allow visitors to get one-in-a-lifetime views of the scenic Welsh countryside. So the two activities can certainly be combined in a single day for a really unique and fulfilling trip to a historic area.

The Bottom Line

The biggest trampolines in the world offer unique and memorable experiences, regardless of whether they are in a massive park or in the backyard.

And trampolines are more than just fun, they provide an effective cardio workout, strengthen multiple muscle groups, and help foster a healthy lymphatic system. They are a great way to have fun while staying in excellent shape.

Traveling to a massive indoor trampoline park can make for a great excuse for a vacation and let you check another item off your bucket list. Many of these places offer guests truly unique, once in a lifetime experiences that they won’t be able to get anywhere else - even in smaller trampoline parks. And for those people who want a bit of the excitement for their own home, adding the massive Goliath trampoline to the backyard is sure to get the job done.

No matter what, getting the chance to jump around on the biggest trampolines in the world is an experience to be remembered.

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