Everything About Trampoline Chairs: The Best, Comfort and Cost

Good health is everyone’s wish. Just as exercising, healthy feeding habits and timed water consumption contributes to a healthy lifestyle, so does your standing and sitting posture. Maintaining good posture lessens the energy we require in breathing and working. Consistent bad posture especially when sitting leads to muscle strains hence body aches. Frequently straining your muscles can lead to terminal illness. When working especially for long hours, the back needs to be appropriately positioned to avoid these aches. For a proper sitting posture, the key requirement is a comfortable chair that relaxes your back muscles and avoids strain. Taking an example of a trampoline chair, it correctly positions the backbone avoiding these pains. So, are bungee chairs good for your back? Yes. As discussed next, trampoline chairs are available for office work, for relaxing during vacations, available in different sizes that are for adults and kids.

What is a trampoline chair?


A trampoline chair also referred to as a bungee chair is a type of chairs that has bungee cords, a bouncy characteristic and above all provides comfort. The chair is constructed with bungee cords in the seating area and the back part while its legs and arms are made of traditional materials like metal and plastic. The bouncy character of the chair is often maintained by the spaces between each bungee band. These spaces not only provide bounciness to the chair but also accelerate breathability of the chair. Different types of bungee chair vary with the mode of making. Some of them have rounded bungee bands, others are flattened bands. Bungee cords refer to an elastic cord made of elastic strands in the shape of a core, often covered in polypropylene sheath or woven cotton.

Choosing a good trampoline chair

You may ask how do I choose the best bungee chair for my workplace, kids or use at home. Well, the answer is right here!

  • Adjustability is one of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a trampoline chair to purchase. The more adjustable the chair is, the more comfort it offers. The other advantage of adjustable chairs is that anybody can sit on it despite their height. Adjustable bungee chair also provides the capability of being transported from place to place. Imagine having a chair that you can comfortably adjust, pack it in your car and use it wherever you want, at home, during a holiday vacation, while camping on the beach, etc. Is it that awesome?
  • Another factor to consider when purchasing a trampoline chair is how durable the chair is. No one would like to invest money in a material that would get spoilt in a matter of months. Right? Durable trampoline chairs offer you the advantage of using the chair for an extended period of time without the fear of breaking or purchasing another one. Durable bungee chairs are made of foam or synthetic fibers.
  • Lumber support should also be factored in a while selecting a trampoline chair. On the 21st century, everybody is working towards achieving a more comfortable life than they have. Comfort is one of the factors that drive a person to get a trampoline chair should be considered in the type you get to pick. With this, while purchasing this chair, especially for office workers; you should consider its ability to offer support to your body. The chair you want should be designed ergonomically to avoid fatigue and pain after long hours of sitting. Besides that, you should select a design that perfectly suits your body shape.

Are trampoline chairs safe?


You might ask, are bungee chairs good my you back? Certainly yes! With the correct choice of a bungee chair, you can be assured of good health, diminished fatigue, and no backaches. Improper selection of bungee chairs can cause more harm than the normal chairs. An improper bungee chair is one that does not correspond to your body shape or size. Poor choice of bungee chairs can cause headaches, back pains, neck pains and several other health issues.

Types of trampoline chairs

The trampoline chair consists of three main types that you should consider before purchasing one. These types include;

  • Bunjo:  This is the standard chair that is used for relaxing. It is foldable, and portable hence can be used in beaches, camping, tours, etc
  • Recliner: This type of chair is often used in a workplace location. It is suited with a footrest that prevents numbness of your legs due to prolonged sitting hours.
  • Lunge: This chair is comparable to a rocking chair. It is covered a quality material like leather and not portable. It is often used in a lounge or the library. It is also recommended for uses by adults or nursing mothers due to the support it offers to the backbone.

Trampoline chair cost: How much are trampoline chairs?

A trampoline chair is somewhat expensive compared to other types of chairs, but examining the advantages, it offers it worth the price. A trampoline chair cost from approximately $45 to $60 in Amazon.  


Our recommendations

When choosing a suitable trampoline chair for you or your kids, you can now make the purchase putting into consideration the above information into use. Getting the type of chair that suits you can be quiet a hassle but with the following recommendations, your search can be narrowed down. Our top picks include;

Blue Trampoline Chair: Giantex Folding Round Bungee Chair

This bungee chair is supported by a frame made from high strength steel. The chair is lightweight and small. Its size enables it to be carried around without strain. The chair is made by Giantex, and it includes several valuable features. Besides its size, the chair can hold up to a maximum of 264 lbs. It measures 31.3 by 22.8 by 31.7 inches. This chair is perfect for both kids and adults it's affordable and well netted. Click here to check latest price or read more >>


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Trampoline chair pink

This is a type of the bunjo bungee chairs. The chair is made of a steel frame, and it is ideal for entertainments, gaming, camping and sporting events. The chair is portable, lightweight and easily folded for storage and transportation. The bunjo chairs are of different colors matching your taste, and as for the pink one, it is much recommended for girls and ladies. It provides a colorful place. Click here for latest price on Amazon >>


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Best adult bungee chair: Zenithen Limited Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair

This bungee chair is made for adults. It supports a maximum of 225lbs, made of steel metal and it is covered with polyester 600 D fibers high quality. The dimensions of this chair are 25.97 by 32.26 by 32.66 inches. The chair has an enticing design that matches most types of lawn tables. This chair can is also portable hence can be used for beach trips and camping. Read more here >>


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Best children's trampoline chair: Delta Children Star Wars Teen Bungee Chair

This chair is specially made for teens and kids over 8 years old who are fans of the ‘star wars’ movie. The chair is made featuring the star wars characters. It supports up to 165 lbs with dimensions of 19.41 by 28 by 28 inches. The chair is made of fabric, nylon and contains a metallic frame. Most back problems start at a young age, and with this comfortable chair for your kids, right posture and no back aches are promised. Check price here >>


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Best bungee office chair: Euro Style Bungie Low Back 

This type of chair is made for use in offices. Since long hours are spent working especially while sitting down, a good chair is recommended. This Euro-style type is fitted with a spin to allow motions around the office. It has a steel frame which is coated with powder. This coating adds strength to the chair and also adds more weight to it. The chair weighs 16.8 pounds but considering it’s an indoor chair, the weight does not really matter. The chair bottom is fitted with casters and can be easily adjusted with the help of a gas lift device. The chair also has a loll feature that allows you to straighten or tilt your legs. The back of the chair supports your back and neck avoiding stiffness of muscles. Read more here >>


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Trampoline chair DIY: How to make a trampoline chair


Are you adventurous or creative? Are you a DIY person? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this section is for you. Bungee chairs are often made from available material around your homestead. With several strands of bungee cords and a worn out old chair, you can successfully make a bungee chair by your own. The following steps will lead you to make a good bungee chair.

Select a good and firm frame for your chair.

The first step in making anything is building a firm base. The base, in this case, is the frame. For a firm frame for your chair, you will need an old ragged chair with an intact firm frame. The chair selected should be of an open type and should not be made of metal at the sitting area and the back. For you to get a portable bungee chair, you can try selecting a chair that can be folded.

Strip the chair

After you have selected a good old chair, the next step is stripping it. For this step, you will require a sharp pair of scissors. The scissors will be used for cutting down the old fabric in the chair. In case your choice of chair is wood padded you can consider unbolting the screws with a nut remover simultaneously lifting the seat to loosen it from the base. This raising will make your works easier once you are through with removing all the nuts. While pulling off the old chair, remember to do it care not to destroy the frame that the bungee cords will seat on.

Choosing bungee cords

Before you purchase bungee cords that you will use in making your trampoline chair, you need to take the measurements of the backrest width and the area between the side supports using a tape measure. Record the measurements and then measure the height and width of the backrest that needs to be covered by the bungee cords aided with masking tape. For the depth and width measured, you will require one cord for every inch, similarly, in the backrest area; you will require a single cord for every inch measured in height.

Drilling holes

You will make holes at 1-inch intervals on the backrest. For you to have perfect fittings of the cords in the holes, you will need to select a drill bit that is larger than the cords. Make intervals at which your drilling holes will appear using a pen or non-erasable marker. After drilling the holes on both sides in the backrest, make similar holes at the front and back sides of the chair.

Weave the cords

To conclude the process, you will now have to weave the cords along the holes that you made. The first place that you need to begin with is the backrest. At the top of it, insert a bungee cord hook into the most left hole and drive it across the back and insert it the respective right side hole. With that process, continue for the whole part of the backrest. Once you are through with the backrest, the next step is the seat. From left to right, carefully insert the cords in the respective holes. Inserting the cords in the holes you will need to fit the cord hook at the top hole, passing to the first cord then below the second cord, over the third cord until you are through with all the holes.

After you are done with fixing the holes, you have a complete trampoline chair. The process is simple and with affordable requirements. You should try it!

The Bottom Line

With the above guidelines for purchasing a trampoline chair, I trust you will make a right decision in getting one. Besides cost, a top factor considered when purchasing items, you should consider the comfort the chair provides. Frequent use of the right chair will keep you away from pains.

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