Best Oval Trampolines – Our Top 5 Picks

An oval trampoline, due to the larger resistance forcing pulling towards the edges and the center requires a more stable and solid structure. Which means that as you are looking for your oval trampoline you should look into the materials with which the frame and legs are made. Typically you should be confident with buying an oval trampoline if the frame is made of thick steel.

What to look for in an oval-shaped trampoline

Other than this particular aspect, you should always pay attention to all the details necessary for a safe jumping environment and for a durable product. Hence, you should make sure that the metal parts are galvanized, that there is a safety net and that the springs are covered by enough cushioning to avoid bumping directly on the metal.

With these pieces of information in mind, we can now delve into a brief description of our top picks among the oval trampolines currently in circulation. Each of them as specific features that satisfy specific, whether it’s the budget, the available space to accommodate the trampoline, preferred kind of users, purpose of usage etc.

Our list of top picks

- SpringFree oval trampoline


SpringFree is the trampoline of the future. This product, well-known in the market as Smart Trampoline, features the No Spring technology. This innovation guarantees an injury-free experience since the users would never incur in landing on the metal springs, but it also gives a larger jumping space. Moreover, the safety of this innovative trampoline is also in the frame, which is designed to be beneath the jumping surface. This design is certainly efficient, having fewer metal materials leaves fewer chances for the rust to deteriorate the trampoline. Check latest price on Amazon here.

But this product is not all about safety. The pieces are made of high-quality materials. The frame is engineered to handle more than 1100 lbs and the tubes are made of galvanized steel. The mat is made of PP and it is equipped with a soft-edge technology that consists of a soft fabric used for the edges that are designed to efficiently absorb every impact without significantly deteriorating the resistance capacity of the rods and edges. The springs are replaced with 60 fiberglass rods which according to several users will last for about 5 to 6 years and then some might need to be replaced.

The choice of this material is what makes this product a pricey pick. Fiberglass is also used in place of the traditional steel poles that hold the enclosure net. This product is carefully made to reduce the chances of hitting hard components of the trampoline. But what makes this trampoline Smart is the possibility to turn the jumping experience into an interactive activity. In fact, with the Tgoma app you can link your tablet to your trampoline and the app will sense the movements of your body and will create original gaming experiences. Read more here.

- Jumpking oval trampoline


Jumpking oval trampoline is certainly a cheaper alternative, the design might not be as captivating as the smart trampoline described above but it still offers all the benefits of having an oval trampoline in the backyard. This particular model, according to the brand, made huge improvements compared to the trampolines of preceding seasons. Check latest price on Amazon here.

The quality overall is better starting from the frame which is coated with a black powder that not only gives the frame a sharp looks but it also makes it UV resistant. The trampoline comes with a 10 ft integrated safety enclosure net and a ladder. The new model, moreover, is designed to give its users an extra bounce. Customers seem to enjoy the product. It is overall durable and safe, although the maximum capacity load is only 250lbs. However, what has to be mentioned is that JumpKing offers different kinds of warranty periods based on the pieces. As a matter of fact, the frame is covered for 10 years, the bed and the springs for 5, while the net and the pads are covered for 2 years only. Read more here.

- Skywalker oval trampoline


SkyWalker is an example of 17 x 15 oval trampoline. If you are looking for a huge, spacious jumping area this should be your choice. Only the mat occupies 169 square feet, which is exclusively jumping area available to multiple jumpers. Check latest price here.

This trampoline stands out for its robust and solid structure. The frame, in fact, is supported by 6 W-shaped legs which are secured to the frame thanks to T-shaped tubes that stabilize the joints of the frame which are the weaker part of the structure of the frame. With regards to the springs, they are made of galvanized steel and there are quite a few of them: 96 springs guarantee high bounciness. Despite the dimension of this 17 x 15 oval trampoline, the structure can only bear 250 lbs. In addition, the warranty period is quite short. The company offers only 1 year for the frame and 90 days for all the other parts.

Customers, overall, like the spaciousness of the trampoline and appreciate the affordable price which varies based on the color of the cover padding. Some of them also complained about the quality of the jumping mat. Read more here.

- Stamina Oval mini trampoline


If you are looking for a fun way of putting in those workouts then you should consider this oval mini trampoline, Stamina InTone Oval Jogger. The name says it all. On this mini trampoline, you can complete total body work out and high-intensity interval training. All this is possible thanks to the adjustable stabilizing bar that allows you to perform movements in complete safety and stability and thanks to the addition of resistance cords that will let you work on your upper body. Check latest price here.

This mini trampoline could figure well in a gym setting as it also features an electronic monitor that tracks how many jumps you perform per minute, the total number of jumps performed during the workout and the calories that you have burned.

This product is perfect for home workouts and once you are done you can definitely store it away and it will not occupy too much space. Do you struggle to incorporate working out into your routine? With the purchase of Stamina InTone Oval Jogger, you will also have access to a workout DVD that features the charming and motivating fitness expert Mia Finnegan.

You will have no excuses for not working on your dream body. Tone your legs, arms, abs, and glutes with this trampoline and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. One downfall? The product does not last for long. Customers experienced several damages after few months of usage. Read more.

Less popular options

Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline


If you are not of a fan of the stabilizing bar you can opt of this Amazon’s choice mini trampoline. Do not be fooled by the dimension of this trampoline. It is only 45”x33” yet it carries a maximum load of 250 lbs. Such sturdy structure is made possible thanks to the ergonomic frame connected to the mat with elastic bands that keep the mat at the perfect tension for perfect workouts at a low intensity. Check latest price on Amazon here.

As in the Oval Jogger described above, the mat presents a blue optic border that helps the user jump in the right place. Customers, however, criticized the poor quality of the frame cover. But hey, you only pay 50 bucks for it and you don't have to deal with the problems that several customers who bought the Oval Jogger reported: a stabilizing bar that detaches after few workouts. You might want to give this a try! Read more here.

SKEMIDEX oval trampoline


This 12 ft oval trampoline with safety enclosure net is designed with a heavy galvanized steel frame. The springs are powder-coated to resist rust and are covered with a soft foam for safety purposes. In addition, the fabric used for the cover padding and the net is UV resistant. For a reasonable price below $400, you will get a sturdy oval trampoline with a maximum capacity load of 300 lbs. However, the padding might not be stuffed with enough foam. Check latest price on Amazon.

If you do not like this product you can ask for a complete refund thanks to the 100% money back guarantee.

Buying Advice

So, to recap, we have learned that oval trampolines are ideal for users who have more than one child or who intend to allow more than one jumper at a time on the trampoline because the oval shape creates two jumping areas instead of only one decreasing the chances of bumping into each other; it is also ideal for users who do not have a lot of space available.

Before making your purchase you should answer this question? Are you the only one who is going to use the trampoline or no? Are you looking for a fun way to change up your workouts? Or Do you have enough space? Keeping these questions in mind and the characteristics specific to oval trampolines, now you should be able to know whether oval trampolines are what you are looking for. Based on your budget you can opt for smaller sizes or you can also take some time to look for cheap oval trampolines for sale, either new or second hand.

Do you need some help for that? You might want to read the guide How to Find Used Trampolines For Sale Cheap or FREE (eBay, Craigslist)(insert hyperlink). We are sure you will find the oval trampoline that will best suit your jumping needs. And remember, make sure you voice your opinions about your purchase. Leave valuable reviews by being honest so that you can help potential buyers with making their trampoline choice.

Happy Jumping!

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