Best Bocce Ball Set – Top Picks for Backyard, Beach, and Pro

There’s no way you haven’t heard of bocce ball. Bocce ball is actually a very popular game you can play with your friends and family members in various settings. Playing with bocce balls grants you a great bonding time with your loved ones. So all that you’ll need in order to start playing is a set of good-quality bocce balls. What qualifies as a “good-quality” bocce ball set is the one that will last for a long time.

No matter if you’re on the lookout for a recreational or a professional set of bocce balls, we’ve got you covered! Today, we’re going to share our tips on finding the best bocce ball set out there. So start warming up that tossing arm of yours and get ready to have some fun!

How to choose a bocce ball set

Before making a choice on which set of bocce balls you want to purchase, you need to take a couple of things into consideration. There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself in order to determine what kind of set you’re looking for:

  • Who are you playing with?
  • What’s the level of your playing skills?
  • How much would you be able to spend on one set?
  • Should you go for the cheap or the higher-end set?

Let’s go through each one of these questions together. That way, you’ll get a clear picture of what you’re looking for.

The players


First off, you need to determine who you’re playing with. If the players are young kids with tiny hands, you will need to buy smaller-sized bocce balls.

They will be able to fit their hands and they won’t be too heavy. Adults, on the other hand, will need a heavier set of bocce balls that are also bigger in size.

Leisure or pro game

Pretty much the same rules apply when it comes to the level of play. This is another area where the bocce ball size and weight matter. If you intend on playing professionally, you should go for the bigger ones that weigh more. Otherwise, if you intend on keeping the game recreational, stick to the lighter and more compact bocce balls.

How often would you like to hit the court?

One more thing you should take into consideration is the frequency of play. This matters because the material type of the balls should depend on how often you plan on playing. The best material for bocce balls comes from resin. However, the majority of manufacturers use plastic or recycled materials in order to make bocce balls. If so, the coating tends to wear off quickly, making the balls smaller and not as accurate. So, if you want to play frequently, we recommend you choose the ones made out of resin.

How much are you willing to spend?

Finally, the money talk. There are both cheaper and more expensive bocce balls for you to choose from. However, you should be aware of the fact that the more you pay, the better the quality of bocce balls will be. So if you’re curious about premium bocce ball sets, you’ll be paying way more than you would for the lower-end ones.

How many balls are there in a bocce ball set?

The game of bocce balls is played with eight large balls and one object ball or smaller target that’s called the jack. You’ll have four balls per team or side, and they are of different color.

That’s how you’ll be able to distinguish your balls from the ones of the opposite team. The majority of sets consist of four green and four red bocce balls.

How much does a bocce ball set cost?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are cheaper, medium-priced and expensive bocce ball sets. The choice comes down to figuring out what your needs are. Therefore, if you really don’t want to spend a lot of money on a game set, you can find one for around $15 to $30. On the other hand, if you want to go all in, you can expect to pay even $100 or more. However, you should know that if you end up choosing the more expensive set, you’ll get the balls made of sturdier and more reliable material. So before making a choice, make sure you think about that as well.

What is the weight of a bocce ball set?

The most frequent question we get asked is “What is the right weight of a bocce ball set?” And even though this sounds like a simple question, the answer is not that simple. The weight of your set will depend on many factors. We’ve mentioned earlier that kids should play with lighter balls. That may apply for the ladies as well. However, we’d like to note that if you end up buying a cheaper set, you’ll probably get eight balls that don’t weigh the same. This doesn’t happen always, but it is a quite common scenario. Essentially, in bocce a game, all of the bocce balls in your set need to be of same the weight. Also, don’t be afraid of going for slightly heavier balls. They will be a nice way to challenge yourself and the rest of the players. More challenge equals more fun, right?!

Who sells bocce ball sets?

You can find bocce ball sets almost everywhere. From large retail chains all the way to your local sports gear shop. However, we’d like to recommend purchasing a bocce ball set straight from That way, you’ll have a long list of options that other places don’t offer. It will be delivered to you in no time. And most importantly, you can do it by spending a couple of minutes in front of your laptop. That’s as easy as it gets, guys!

Are all bocce ball sets the same?


Simply put: No, not all bocce ball sets are the same. Basically, we’re not looking at a universal type of bocce ball sets. They can differ based on many factors. Starting from the weight of the balls to their construction and the materials they’re made of. So when you start comparing sets in order to see which one you like the best, make sure you take a look at all these features. These three features are the main factors that could have a dramatic impact on both the price and the play.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the higher-end bocce ball sets will provide you with solid, high-quality construction, precise roundness and reliable balance. Also, the manufacturers make them out of sturdy materials, which will serve to preserve them from deterioration over time (or if you like to play in harsh weather conditions). They typically use wood and plastic for the cheaper sets.

In general, the weight of the bocce ball shouldn’t be taken as a sign of the overall set quality. However, if you run into a set that weighs less than 920 grams and has less than 107 millimeters in diameter, you’re most likely looking at a low-quality bocce ball set. We’d recommend you skip that one.

Which bocce ball set is the best?

Finding the absolute best bocce ball set is not a simple task. There are numerous sets for you to choose from. However, the majority of sets comes down to pretty much the same thing.

As the sets vary in quality, some of them aren’t as durable and they don’t grant consistency. Hence, it’s always better to consider spending slightly more and getting a higher-end set that will up your game quality. We’re here to give you guidelines that will help you find the best bocce ball set for the money you’re willing to spend. Here’s a short buying guide to help you find the best bocce ball set for yourself:

  • Durability: The bocce ball game requires you to smash the other player’s balls out of the way from time to time and that’s why you need to make sure your bocce balls are durable enough.
  • Balance: The balance of the bocce balls is pretty important when it comes to throwing the ball in what seems to be a perfect line and then missing the target. To keep that from happening, balance is another feature worth taking into consideration.
  • Storage: Given that you’ll most likely play bocce balls outdoors, you’ll need a way to store them and carry them easily. So make sure you have this part taken care of before realizing too late. We’d like to note that the best option here is to use nylon bags. Another option would be to use a box, however, with this one, the portability will be somewhat limited.

In addition to these 3 features, you should pay attention to the ones we’ve already covered above, such as size, weight and cost.

Best bocce ball set under $100

Our top pick, as far as bocce ball sets go, is the Baden Champions 107mm Bocce Ball Set. This set includes four green and four red bocce balls, one white pallino and a measuring tape. The reason why we chose this particular set is the high-quality materials that the manufacturer used in order to make it. This set of bocce balls will be sturdy enough and it will last for a long time because it is constructed with a premium poly-resin material. That material guarantees added strength regardless of the surface.


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When it comes to the price, we’d say this price is ideal for everyone’s pocket. They are neither too cheap nor too expensive. Check the latest price on Amazon here. And we can safely say that with this set, you get the quality that you’ve paid for. Read more here.


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Best beach bocce ball set

If you want to test your bocce ball game expertise level at the beach, you’re going to need balls that can handle that surface. That’s why we recommend purchasing the SeaTurtle Sports Luxury Beach Bocce Ball set.


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This is the set that everyone on TV’s talking about. People refer to it as the best bocce ball set in the world! We wouldn’t go that far, though, but it is a really good set. This set is extremely durable, and it will last for decades. Check the latest price on Amazon here.

With this set, you’ll get eight balls that are in bright beachy colors. The manufacturer used strong synthetic polymers in order to make this set of bocce balls. In addition to that, for the jack (the target ball), they used the same materials, which are very durable and are able to sustain hard impacts. And you’ll also receive one measuring string that will help you measure the tiniest placements that you can’t even detect with the naked eye. Finally, you’ll receive a canvas case in order to carry your bocce balls and store them properly. Read more here.


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Best backyard bocce ball set on a budget

If you’re looking for a set that’s going to be ideal for a grassy backyard, we’d recommend going for the AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set. With it, for a very cheap price (check latest price here), you’ll receive four red and four green balls, as well as a measuring device to track the close calls and a white pallino. The manufacturer has chosen to make these balls out of polyresin, which we’ve talked about earlier. That means that you’ll get a set of bocce balls that will grant you reliability and durability.


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Essentially, this is a very affordable set which is strong enough to last you for a long time of playing in your backyard. In addition to that, you’ll also receive a sleek black case that will come in handy when you need to carry the balls with you. Read more here.


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Best professional bocce ball set

If you’re on the lookout for the best bocce ball set brands that will satisfy your wish to have a professional set, we recommend taking a look at St Pierre Sports Professional Bocce Set. If you end up choosing this set, you’ll get high-quality, reliable and sturdy balls and a 60-millimeter pallino. A strong resin material is what the manufacturer went for when choosing the material. So you won’t have to worry about balance and durability. In addition to the high-quality balls, you’ll also receive a nylon carry bag, which is awesome for the times when you need to carry them around. Check price here.


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What’s more, these bocce balls are manufactured according to the Bocce Tournament Grade Standards. So in case you have professional bocce ambitions, this is definitely a way to go! Read more here.

Bocce equipment standard


Let’s talk about the standard bocce equipment. We’ll go through every single piece of equipment that you might come across in your regular bocce ball game.

We’ve already noted that you’ll get a set of 8 balls, typically 4 green and 4 red ones. However, there have been complaints about the color of the bocce balls as the color blind players have difficulties with differentiating between them. Nevertheless, these colors are considered as standard ones.

In addition to that, all the balls MUST be of the same diameter, weight and made out of the same material.

1. Official bocce ball weight


As we’ve said earlier, the balls’ weight may vary on different factors. But one thing’s for sure, the balls in the official bocce ball set have to be of the same size. In addition to that, there is an official standard, which is used in tournaments, when it comes to bocce ball weight. According to the decision of the Bocce Standards Association, the International Standard ball weight is expected to be 920 grams (2 pounds).

2. Regulation bocce ball diameter


Now, we’ve talked a lot about the size and the weight of bocce balls throughout this article, but we didn’t say a lot about the ball diameter. According to the decision of the Bocce Standards Association, the International Standard ball diameter is expected to be 107 millimeters (4.2 inches).

3. Pallino ball size


Aside from the regular 8 balls in the set, there’s no bocce game to play without the “pallino”, which is the name of the small ball in bocce. In fact, a pallino ball is the one that players use in order to hit the target or jack. Naturally, its color is always in contrast to the other bocce balls.

Concerning the size of the pallino in a bocce ball game, the tournament grade sets have a pallino with a diameter that ranges from 40 to 60 millimeters. However, the International Standard is 40 millimeters (1.6 inches). But in the US, the most popular size appears to be the pallino that is 50 millimeters (1.97 inches) in diameter.

As you might have already noticed, the size of pallino is not that strict as opposed to the size of the balls.

Finally, when it comes to the material, a pallino is similar to bowling and billiard balls.

4. Bocce ball scoreboard


Alright, why would we play a game if not to win, right? So another necessary part of the bocce game equipment is the scoreboard. A standard scoreboard has numbers from 1 to 12, and they are arranged similarly to a clock face where an arrow seems to point to the score of the red and green team. There are two options for scoreboards:

You can choose the one that has a single set of numbers with a green and red arrow

or, the one with a set of numbers for each color (team).

The manufacturers usually use wood, plastic or metal when making a scoreboard.

5. Bocce cup measurer


We’re moving onto the measuring devices now. Firstly, we must note that any kind of measuring device that can determine the distance between 2 or more bocce balls and the pallino is completely acceptable.

The bocce measuring cup allows you to quickly and accurately determine who has the winning ball. Here’s how:

The cup is heavy enough to stay in place while you’re gently pulling the string to the front of the red ball. Then, you’ll need to pinch your fingers in order to mark the front of the red ball. Still holding the pinch, you’ll need to pivot so that you can see if your pinch goes in front of the green ball. If it does, that means that the red ball is closer to the pallino. If not, the green one is. People tend to refer to a cup measurer as a friendship-saver. With this cup, there will be no more questionable calls.

6. Measuring tape


One more measuring device that you’ll definitely need in order to accurately decide the winner is the measuring tape. The standard measuring tape is the one that can retract and lock at the wanted point. In addition to that, there are some tapes that come with calipers attached to them. As far as the size goes, the tape should be from 12 to 25 feet long. The materials used to make the tape are metal and plastic. The tape is made of metal, and it is placed in a metal or a plastic housing.

7. Measuring rod


Still in the measuring section, another device that you’ll use to measure the distance is a measuring rod. It’s a telescoping pocket rod that will be extremely useful when measuring short distances. In addition to that, some special rods come with attached calipers as well. The size of the rod goes from 6 to 24 inches, when expanded. And the material is either plastic or metal.

8. Referee paddle


Now that we’re done with the measuring devices, it’s high time we covered signaling devices. These are the ones that the referee will use in order to signal the players who throw the ball whether they’re in or next to throw the ball.

The first one in the signaling category is the referee paddle. The paddle is usually round, and it has the color of one team on one side and the color of the other team on the other side. For instance, typically, a paddle will be red in front and green at the back.

9. Referee flags


Another necessary signaling device are the signaling flags. A referee needs to have two cloth or plastic flags in the appropriate team colors. The standard size of the flag is 6 inches by 6 inches minimum.

10. Court brush


Finally, we’ve come to the pieces of equipment used for handling the surface of the court. The first one is the court brush. A court brush has long handles, and you should use it to smooth out the terrain.

Manufacturers typically use stiff horsehair or synthetic fibers to make the court brush. Also, the width of the brush should be larger than half of the court width.

11. Court scraper


Another court-related device is the court scraper. It is a wide blade that has a long handle, smooth edges on one side and serrated ones on the other. You should use it to move materials around, make the court smoother and loosen those high spots if there are any. The scraper is made out of metal, and it should be around 2 to 4 feet wide.

How to make a bocce ball set?


If you’re feeling creative, go ahead and try making a bocce ball set of your own! It’s going to be a fun DIY project that you can later use for fun! You’ll need to make the bocce balls, along with the pallino from hardwood such as oak, hard maple or birch. Alternatively, you can do it by using a plastic stock, as we did.

In fact, you can recreate the regular bocce balls by doing some vacuum forming. You can build your own former out of a pegboard. First, heat up the plastic stock in the oven. That way you’ll form a mold that will look like two halves of a regular bocce ball. Then, melt the halves together by using a soldering iron. Afterward, you’ll need to pour some filling in the core of the balls to make them weigh enough. You can use a filling of your choice. If you seek to make them weigh a lot, then we’d recommend going for cement.

After pouring the filling and letting it sit for a while in order for it to harden up, you can remove the molds. Now, all there’s left to do is make the surface round and smooth and cover the balls in paint. Voila! Now you have your own bocce ball set!

What are bocce balls made of?


As you were able to see throughout the article, bocce balls come in a variety of materials. Naturally, some are more expensive than others.

Cheaper bocce balls are made out of stone, metal or wood. In addition to that, some manufacturers use hard plastic which looks like the material for billiard and bowling balls. The best ones are made out of resin, as we’ve mentioned earlier. And these are much more expensive.

What’s more, bocce balls can have an interesting and unique look thanks to a marbleized, opaque or pearl-like finish. And they can even glow in the dark!

What’s inside a bocce ball?


The bocce ball manufacturing process goes like this:

The center, or the core of the bocce ball usually contains a filling such as cement or foam, often constructed and molded. That’s exactly what gives the ball its weight. During the process, the manufacturers suspend the core inside a mold and then pour the (usually) liquid resin into the mold. Then, the resin forms a shell, which acts as the outside surface of the ball. Once it cools off, they sand it, paint it and polish it. That’s all there is, you guys! As simple as that.

Final thoughts

No matter if you are new to the world of bocce or if you’ve been a long-time player, having a set of good-quality bocce balls is a prerequisite for playing accurately and without mishaps. We’ve tried our best to explain everything there is to know about the best bocce ball sets.

We’ve shared our knowledge when it comes to measurements, our favorites on the market and the standards of professional bocce ball sets. In addition to that, we’ve even provided a know-how that you can use to make your own bocce ball set! Hopefully, you’ve had fun reading this article and will have even more fun playing this amazing game!

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