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Rebounding for the Lymph System 101: Rebounders and Exercises

Whether you’re an expert on the lymphatic system or you know absolutely nothing about it, by the end of this article you’ll agree that we could all stand to learn more about this fascinating subject.

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Does Jumping on a Trampoline Help You Grow Taller

Does Jumping on a Trampoline Help You Grow Taller?

No matter how much some of us dislike exercising, there are plenty of benefits to it. A healthy body weight, more flexibility, even growing at a reasonable rate — these are all the things proper workouts

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How Long Does It Take to See Results from Rebounding

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Rebounding?

Before starting any type of workout, we would like to know all the results we should expect to get from it. Furthemore, how long will it take us to start seeing the results? With regular exercising and

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Ultimate-Trampoline-Burn-Treatment-How Long-How to Heal

Ultimate Trampoline Burn Treatment: How Long + How to Heal

Trampolines are one of the favorite summer pastimes. In fact, they are an ideal choice to have some good, old-fashioned family time. However, while trampolines are very safe, especially compared to the

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Jumping on Trampoline While Pregnant Can it Induce Labor

Jumping on Trampoline While Pregnant: Can it Induce Labor?

If we would start counting how many visits to the ER there are all over the world, we’d learn that around one-third of those visits are injury-related. We can’t say how many of those injuries come

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Are Trampolines Good For Your Back? Causes of Back Pain

Hi there, trampoline-lovers! We have a real treat for you today. How many times did you ask yourself: “Why does my back hurt on a trampoline?” Well, in this article we’ll go over a number of reasons

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Does Jumping On a Trampoline Make You Pee Not After This

Does Jumping On a Trampoline Make You Pee? Not After This

Why do I pee myself when I jump on a trampoline? Even the most hard-core jumping enthusiasts have experienced a trampoline urine leak and know how embarrassing it can be. The main reason behind peeing

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