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Can You Block the Goal in Air Hockey? (Stop the Puck)

Rules exist for a reason. They help keep the game safe, equal for all, and are designed to keep the game fun and exciting. Even air hockey has rules and these rules helped turn a pastime into a professional

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How Many Calories Does Air Hockey Burn?

Keep moving. Those are the two key watchwords when you are looking to stay healthy. You need to keep moving and air hockey does just that. While it is not a physically demanding activity, it does keep

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Why do Air Hockey Pucks Fly off the Table? 3 Tips to Avoid It

Flying pucks are always a hazard. Even in ice hockey games it's difficult to keep the puck on the ice and from flying into the crowd. You can expect pucks to fly off the air hockey table as it's a part

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Can You Wax an Air Hockey Table? How to Make it Slippery

Speed and skill are the name of the game when it comes to air hockey. The faster you move the puck, the more your skill can outwit your opponent. But speed without skill, may have you losing the game

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Is Air Hockey an Olympic or Professional Sport?

Not every thing is Olympic gold. Being part of the Olympics brings to a sport a new status level. Once in the Olympics the sport can be revered and its participants looked upon as super athletes who did

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How Fast Does an Air Hockey Puck Travel? Make it Faster!

Everyone likes more speed. If it is fast, they want you to or they will make it faster. This includes the air hockey game. Some people are not content with how fast the puck goes. They want to make it

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Air Hockey Table Dimensions: Everything You Wanted to Know

Air hockey is a fun game. It can move fast and you have to have sharp reflexes to make sure you don’t get scored upon. What makes air hockey even more fun is playing it on the right sized table.The

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